Overcoming Heavy Eyes

Ever since I started with my new job being the Assistant Clinic Head, never was there a boring day for me. I have been productive from day 1 until now and doing a lot of stuff here and there that it never stops. It’s fun at least for me, knowing that I love being busy and do things to make time pass by like a wind; right now I have things to do but I am so sleepy that I needed time to chill out a bit in my blog site. Good for hubby he’s out with clients right now doing fun stuff while I am stuck here looking at an empty white wall in front of me. Lol I have always thought of doing adventures like bungee jumping, sky diving, wing suit flying and other extreme sports but never had the chance to do so. Or even just go to the beach and relax, again no chance of doing that. Sigh.. I wish I could just take some time off and go to any place I would like to go to without getting bothered by chores or any of my responsibilities. My feet is itching to do that! Acccckkkk! By the sound of it, I guess I AM REALLY, REALLY itching to go and do some adventures!


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