Happy New Year

Another year has gone and a new one has just begun. Happy New Year my friends! I am grateful for the year 2012 and all the blessings God has showered upon us. It was last year that we started our

>campus ministry in CDU,

>the start of our UNWIND for young professionals,

>our 1st year anniversary,

>our 1st trip together abroad all for free!

>I started this blog…

>Dad turned 60! (a reason to go out with him more often for the senior citizen discount!) lol

>My last year at my previous work and the beginning of a new one which is even greater!

>New found friends who are like sisters ‘Babie, Pam and Alin’,

>new group of friends from the last company I worked with.

>My hubby’s promotion at work;

>and having the Iphone4s we’ve been praying for.

>My new android cellphone;

>the laptop too that Rocky’s uncle gave us.

>Our house in Bacolod was fully paid off by my Aunt;

>increase in salary.

>Our church here in Cebu turned 4.

>More younger brothers and sisters from our campus ministry and

>the first time that our family reunited for the Christmas season.

And so so many things and reasons to thank the Lord for. Wow! It is always good to give thanks to the Lord. Praise God for everything. It’s true when they say count your blessings one by one and you will surely lose track of counting for the countless blessings God is giving us. This is a brand new year and I can only expect far more greater things to come as I wait eagerly upon the Lord.

This is the year of the Lord’s favor!



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