YX Presents: Tribo Camp ‘The X Factor’

Tribo Camp is the most awaited camp event in our church every 2 years. This year’s Tribo Camp was held at Vista Mar Beach Resort and Country Club in Cebu City with the theme: The X Factor. It was attended by almost 300 Youth Xtremer’s to prepare them for the school year 2013-2014. It’s my 2nd time to join this camp, the first one was at Boracay, The Biggest Loser as the theme. I was a camper/staff/counselor/music team/assistant tribe leader/camp nurse at that time (to make the most of it, since 25 years old is the cut off age to join the camp). This year, I am past 25 and was already considered a staff…hihihi I convinced my nephew, KC and niece, Kaka to really join and am glad the effect on them was completely transforming! All thanks to God! It was like a reunion for our church from all around the Philippines and some coming from Doha, Qatar and Australia. This is what we envision to see, that all students  from the campus will be commissioned to the nations. Everyday, different speakers encouraged us like pastors coming from Victory Church Manila, Pastor Ryan Tan and Pastor Jonathan Bocobo. Also from His Life City Church, Pastor Ru De la Torre and Ms. Universe 1st Runner Up Janine Tugonon shared her testimony from being a campus taker to a nation taker! It was a joy to see the young people going all out for Jesus! Such joy! I will not take any longer on this, I would rather let you see the pictures.

Be amazed, be very AMAZED! :)



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