Leading Others in the Wisdom of the Lord

In one of my quiet times with the Lord, He has revealed these things to me when I asked for wisdom;

“Lord God, thank you for your remah word. You gave exactly what I have been looking for and asking from you…”


(2 Chronicles 1)

Wisdom means: a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgments and action in keeping with this understanding; the quality of being wise and knowledge; and the capacity to make due use of it; knowledge of the best ends and the best means; discernment and judgment.

We can be the best of the best, most intelligent, knowledgeable person but without God’s wisdom in us all these would mean nothing, meaningless.

If we trust our own wisdom we can expect to fail and forget (blackout happens during an exam, even if you have fully prepared for it.)

Always remember that God’s wisdom will never, ever fail us.

Nothing can go wrong when you trust God and test Him. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Now do you know Solomon? Some of you would say he is a king, yes he is. But other than that, he is the wisest king who ever lived! He is the son of David, and he took over the whole kingdom when David died.

In 2 Chronicles 1 we can read there of how Solomon led His kingdom. If you are a king, you are not only there sitting pretty, you are there to lead the people.

How to be a good leader?

  1. You must be a good and trusted leader. (If you are not how can you expect people to submit to you or even respect you?)
  2. You must promote peace. (If not again, expect chaos!)
  3. You must lead by example. (Be an example to your people and show them what you can do for them.)
  4. You must seek godly advice or counsel. (Every good leader must be aware that you are not to work alone! You must heed the advice of those you know you can trust!) For Solomon it was God!

When Solomon took control of the kingdom:

  1. God was with him.
  2. God made him very powerful.
  3. God added unto him riches, fame, wealth, and all others.

Let’s read on to 2 Chronicles 1:2-5

Notice that in verse 5 Solomon gathered the people in front of the tabernacle of the Lord and consulted the Lord! They don’t just do it any where; instead they did it in a place where God’s presence is.

2 things that Solomon and his leaders did before their next plan:


They asked for wisdom, for revelation. They waited upon the Lord’s answer before deciding or making a final plan.


They acknowledged God’s presence! They honored him thru their offerings.

GOD APPEARED to them with just one question:

“What do you want? Ask, I will give it to you!”

Again we see here the principle of ASKING, SEEKING AND KNOCKING. Matthew 7:7

God knows that Solomon is a good leader, because He made him so. But here is Solomon asking God for wisdom and knowledge on how to lead his people.

He even told God, “Who can possibly govern this people of yours?”

Solomon knows that only God can lead people without any trouble. And so, he asked the Lord to help him; even in his ability to lead and years of experience in leading. He did not trust himself fully, he trusted the all-knowing God that we have to help him.

Why did God answered Solomon’s petition when God said, “I will grant your desire!”?

  1. Solomon was SELFLESS. He did not ask for fame or riches. He asked for wisdom and knowledge and God gave him both, even more!
  2. His desire to lead God’s people made him successful. He knows how to lead others, Solomon is a good leader.
  3. God’s wisdom was upon him and it was already upon him since the beginning of time.

That made Solomon the wisest king who ever lived and he still lives up to that title until now; for it was God who blessed him with such wisdom.

Thank you GOD!


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