It Starts At Home

I have SAD (Separation Anxiety Disorder) when I was a kid. In fact, a few hours spent in school makes me anxious already when I don’t get to see mom or dad; when they pick me up late for like 5 minutes after I got out of the classroom, I CRY. I also remember spending 5 days of summer vacation in my uncle and auntie’s place in Ilo-ilo—I CRIED coz I missed my parents terribly. Hahaha! There was also a time during college when my parents sent me off to a good school in Ilo-ilo, after a month they decided to pull me out to be with them again in Bacolod. When I do recall how I used to be so clingy to my parents, now I LAUGH. I can never imagine life without them… Months before my wedding, I thought I was never gonna survive married life without having them around. Who will cook my food? Who will do my laundry? Who will? Who will?!!! Then I would come close to tears and as I try to blink them back, I know I will survive.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday; hubby and I decided to treat her at Ching Palace together with dad. She turned 59 and only a year to becoming a senior citizen, dad is 61 and both are still vibrant and young looking as ever.  Every time I see my parents, my heart is overjoyed—longing one more time to be the little girl they used to carry and spoil. For me, getting a massage from my mom means more than a thousand worth of gold and my dad cooking breakfast is like diamonds falling from the sky.

Today, they dropped me off to work and as I kissed them both goodbye on their cheeks a memory of a little girl wearing a uniform and a younger version of my parents flashed back. Something I will never trade for the world… A picture of a loving and amazing people I call DAD and MOM!

The best relationships indeed start at home. :)


Daddy and mommy’s little girl forever! ♥♥♥



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