It’s a Boy!

“It’s a BOY!” was the eager announcement made by Dr. Perez’ from Cupsi Center for Women’s Health last Saturday when I had my gender ultrasound. Yes, it’s a boy! Right from the start it’s all I could ever think of and all I could ever dream of…

I had my pre natal check up a month ago with my OB-Gyne Dr. Cindy Fabe and got so excited when she informed us that we can now have our baby’s gender checked after a month (exactly when the baby turns 20 weeks). With great anticipation, my hubby and I patiently watched the days go by till February 8, 2014. We were up so early to make sure we arrive at Cupsi before the schedule; we waited for over an hour till it was our turn. I was told that Rocky can come inside as soon as the doctor starts the procedure. However, the attendant forgot to call him and the pang of excitement went down. I was lying on the OB bed while the doctor started checking my entire pelvic organ; as soon as she was done she turned the monitor towards me and declared ‘it’s a boy!’ She pointed the eggs in between his legs, his arms, his head, his spine and I started to feel like crying with joy. I tried not to melt, but I did! Oh I wish Rocky was there to witness it.Nevertheless, when I shared the good news to him, he also began to smile and the moment felt so magical.

It was only something 2 people can understand, only us two…

Long before we planned to start our own family, we’ve desired for a baby boy and much to our surprise, God gave exactly what we asked for. It was amazing how our friends and family kept guessing what our baby’s gender would be, some based it on my appearance saying that I was blooming and nothing’s changed and so they concluded it was a girl. Nevertheless, God still proved to be the greatest giver of life and it’s not about how you look like during pregnancy but how He is able to give something when you ask of it. Thank you Jesus!


We call ourselves #DaddyParcs #MommyParcs and #BabyParcs (hahaha)


Making the BIG announcement thru Facebook with our uber excited faces!


Tita Ann gave this as Congratulatory gift for our #BabyBoyParcs


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