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Beautiful Pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I had lots of questions in mind.

If I get pregnant, what changes will take place in my life? Physically, emotionally?

Will I have morning sickness? Excessive? Manageable?

This may sound funny to you but not with me, these are serious questions I have to face in the next 9 months.

They say if your baby is a boy you will become ugly, fat, with big nose, dark underarms and neck and a lot more.

However, the old wives’ tale doesn’t necessarily hold true to everyone who is pregnant with a boy.

I was looking at other pregnant women and found out they were carrying a baby boy and to my surprise, they remained as beautiful as they were before they got pregnant.

It is in fact a matter of choice!

Why did I say it’s a matter of choice?

It’s a choice of maintaining the joy from your heart that makes you glow.

It’s a choice that you look after yourself and make an effort to look beautiful.

It’s a choice to surround yourself with people who makes you happy.

It’s a choice to have a positive outlook in life.

It’s a choice to get excited and expect that there’s another life inside you.

It’s a choice that you continue seeking the Lord and ask for His glory to surround you with radiance!

It’s all a matter of choice!

I am not the type who always go out with make up on, just a simple powder with blush on will do.

But the moment I got pregnant, there was an inner glow I haven’t seen before or even my friends and family have ever seen from me. The kind of beauty I am talking about came out just naturally. People kept saying our baby is a girl, but when the doctor announced, ‘IT’S A BOY!’ All assumptions were proved wrong and I praise Jesus that He is most glorified during this season of my life.

#PaulParcs : Thank you baby for bringing out the best in mommy! I love you more than anything else in this world. =)

#RockyParcs : Thank you Puff for being the most patient and understanding man I know during these times when I needed you most. For seeing me as the most beautiful woman even if I just woke up. Haha With you I don’t have to pretend to be somebody, I just have to be myself. I love you a million M&M’s! =)

And to God for making all things beautiful in your time!

A well deserve preggy rest at the Crimson Resort and Spa
I’ve never felt more beautiful in a fringe! haha Trying to copy Rachel McAdams in the movie About Time
Hubby and Me at a wedding… 🙂 (I’ll blog about this soon…)

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