My Boaz!

You cannot bend a man with good spiritual leadership. If he can lead others before God, you can trust that he will lead his household with boldness and integrity! He may fall but God will never fail him.

A man who can speak up, stand strong and stay humble in times of adversity makes himself a cut above the rest. Rare, precious and exceptional better than any diamond life has to offer.

A man of courage becomes stronger than a body builder honing only the flesh but never his soul, what more can be more desirable?

A wise man, builder, director and provider… I found that all in one man… The man who lavishes me with his love, how extravagant!

Nothing is more appealing than a man who loves and fears God above anyone else.

When you find a good man to have and to hold, never let him go… Give yourself more reasons to love him back every day! My Boaz found me, honored me and nurtured me… I only have good words for this man. I love you Rocky Parcon!



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