Another Extraordinary Day!

It’s over a month since I started with my home based online job. It’s pretty amazing that I can just manage my time at home and do house chores here and there and it surprises me that after my whole day routine my shift has already ended. I just love staying at home! I get to rest, watch movies from my laptop, have my devotional time and enjoy the comforts of our humble abode. This is something I sought for how many years and now that I have it, it’s perfect!

Working from home may give me reasons to get bored, but I’M NOT. I am even enjoying it! I thought I was never gonna make it through without an officemate to talk to or cafeterias to visit but I did! I guess this makes me a loner huh? Lol! With only just one month to go before giving birth, I know our home will be filled with crying, feeding and playing with an infant I will take care of and small talks with my mom in law coming over to stay here in the next three months. Sounds fun!

I can barely sleep well lately at night, my little football star inside churns and moves like a nonstop toss ball. Though it makes me feel irritated in the morning not having enough rest, still I just love the movements I am feeling knowing he is one active and healthy baby boy!

Soon, sleepless nights are gonna welcome me and my hubby. Two words: who cares?! We wanted to have our own family, this is it! God will be our strength!



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