A Glimpse of Paul Daniel

First Glimpse…

For the first time in 8 months, Rocky and I finally had a glimpse of our son Paul Daniel. I had my Pelvic Ultrasound done last Monday (May 19, 2014); it was postponed one week ago, but I know better that God allowed this to happen to prepare us and Paul for the divine meet up!

At 12 noon we were at the Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House and the line was very long, we had to wait for 2 more hours til it was my turn.

The maternity house scene made me look at each woman with amazement! Pregnant women of different sizes and shapes were there. Some have huge bellies, others have small ones, some lost their babies and some were in labor and on the verge of giving birth! Whew!

Few days before the ultrasound I was already talking to Paul about it and asked him to cooperate with us so that daddy will see his genitals (NOTE: His dad was unable to witness the gender announcement during our 5th month ultrasound). This time around, we made sure that Rocky was inside the room while the doctor performed the procedure.

It was about time… My name was called, so I immediately got out from my chair and signaled for Rocky to come in…

Perfect timing… Had I complained of the line being too long, I wouldn’t have had my ultrasound done with the best doctor ever! It was perfect that Dr. Varona performed the ultrasound, she really took the time to let Rocky and I see Paul in every angle.

Before the procedure, I told Dr. Varona that daddy was not able to see baby’s gender, and it will help if she lets us see it one more time. She laughed, and asked “are you ready to see it?” We turned our attention to the screen and all of us including Dr. Varona were surprised that his genitals were the first one to show up! Hahaha

Dr. Varona took time to measure the sizes of Paul’s body organs and counted the fingers and toes.  (which were all complete and normal, THANK YOU LORD!)  We waited a bit until she showed us Paul’s face which was half covered with his left hand and we laughed again because it seemed to me that he was hiding his face or laughing! Either he was shy from showing us his genitals or was simply asleep and hungry because we haven’t eaten lunch yet at 3pm and had to suck his hands instead. Dr. Varona had to shudder him gently using the ultrasound but he won’t budge. Haha! He really made our day, doctor even said it’s because you talked him out only to show his genitals but not his face! She was right! Paul was so obedient. haha I guess we’re gonna have to wait to see his face when he comes out. Doctor said he’s a BIG KID with a big butt! (after me of course! hahaa)

The wait at the maternity house was terribly long, but both Rocky and I agreed it was WORTH IT!!!

I’m on my 34th week now and I only have 4-6 weeks left to welcome Paul Daniel in this beautiful world.

our precious Paul Daniel! =)
our precious Paul Daniel! =)

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