I Can Never Escape From Your Presence

No Escape…

I have been talking to my son every single day for the past few months and though I don’t get a wordy reply, I feel his movements instead. His movement is his way of communicating back to me and it’s crazy amazing to think that he is in fact listening to whatever I have to say. Overtime, the relationship I am building with my son gets stronger and the bond becomes unshakable. It is pretty much the same with God, we don’t see him, we don’t really hear a deep, crisp voice talking to us directly but through his word and revelation we get the answers we want. It could be through the sunrise, the rain, from his beautiful creations or the people around us that we get the answers we need. God will use any means just to get to us and for us to feel his presence. When my son’s movement lessens during the day, I assume he is asleep and is getting ready to bust a big move anytime soon. God too is like that, we may not hear from him every so often, there may be silence at times—rest assured God’s presence is always with us.

“I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence!” Psalm 139:7



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