Paul’s Arrival!

Dear Paul Daniel,

Time won’t stop though I have the desire to do so…
You turned a week older yesterday and as I witness your growth from a teeny weenie baby and soon to a man, I can’t help but recall the very day I first met you in the delivery room. You were so small and fragile, I was afraid to hold you thinking you might probably slip off but with the doctors’ and nurses’ help I had my very first view of the life that was squirming inside me for the past few months. Though my strength gently wheeled me away, my heart was thaw and excitement stirred up within me. I cannot help but love someone as sweet, angelic and meek as you.

Now milk has started to fill you up, your littlest face to a chubby little one. And as I gaze upon you, your resemblance with your tatay is so obvious! In front of me was a little Rocky. Strange as it seems, I can now officially call myself a mom to you… With gentle, loving care you have been a happy baby since day one, you only cry to be fed, smile when we play and never did you gave us sleepless nights.

I may hope many things for you, desire endless gifts and shower you with much love and affection but without God first in your life, everything is still meaningless.

I pray that you grow to be a man God has destined you to be… Your tatay and I wants only the best for you… We love you so much!


Tatay and Mommy

Lord, what have we done to deserve such blessing?! :)

Lord, what have we done to deserve such blessing?! 🙂


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