The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For…

Here's our very first FAMILY PICTURE! :D

Here’s our very first FAMILY PICTURE! 😀

Paul’s Arrival

It was Friday when hubby and I decided to have our Fridate. He encouraged me to go out and take a walk to make sure I am fully prepared for the big day!  That week we were expecting for Paul to come out given the bouts of false labor I’ve been experiencing since June 16. Friends and family here and abroad have been asking of my due date and it’s a bit of a humor to me when no one was able to predict the exact day Paul came out! (Only GOD knows…) That night, we had dinner at Alejandro’s (Crossroads) and dessert at La Marea. Rocky and I kept our cool even though I’m starting to feel uncomfortable and the pain became more intense than usual. We went home thinking again it won’t happen today… As we were lying down getting ready for bed after cuddling and hugging each other, there on our bed was a spot of water (no more than 2 inches). It was weird because I didn’t felt any dripping at all! We both looked at each other and I immediately went to the bathroom for a quick wash and change, and suspiciously thought of it as a leak coming from my bag of water. I immediately grabbed an underpad and placed it on my side to make sure I don’t wet the bed. We both laughed and giggled knowing that we are a step closer to labor… I lay down in bed (again) ready to doze off but the unimaginable happened, this time I felt a sudden gush of water! I panicked and ran to the bathroom to wash, but more and more water trickled and this time we knew we needed to go to the hospital. We changed, grabbed our ready-to-go bag and waited for the requested Easy Taxi. THIS IS IT!

It was around 1am when we arrived at the Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House, we went directly to the information area and the rest was history. Everything happened so fast, from writing our information, going to the internal examination room and interview from the midwife down to the labor room! I was feeling all alone and thirsty not expecting I was on NPO already and was inserted an IV line and oxytocin. I can clearly remember 4 pregnant women in the same room waiting as well for their due that day. I was really hopeful Rocky was inside to comfort me but no one was allowed there except the expecting moms, interns and other nursing staff. I kept on checking the time and it was fast ticking—2am, 3am, 4am and I was starting to get sleepy, when… 5:45 am came, true labor pains started and I can no longer take it, I was shouting and grabbing pillows and shivering because my underpad was soaked with water and I was like peeing all over! Haha I even vomited my dinner due to extreme pain! I was injected Demerol (pain reliever) but it didn’t do me any good when I began saying “I’m going to poop!” and everyone told me, “Misis, don’t shout, just take a deep breath and reserve your energy for later.” I was 8cm when the doctor checked again, but I can no longer control the pain and I was pushing already. In a matter of minutes, I was wheeled to the delivery room and my OB Dr. Fabe arrived, comforting me and telling me to do deep breathing. I was all set, I was determined for a normal delivery, I started pushing but Paul went back every time I did not succeed at doing it. The fifth and final push gave way for Paul and lo and behold, a healthy 6.7 lbs. (3.050 kgs.) 50 cm long baby was born at 6:50am. I was emotional and all I could think of was, “Is my baby fine?” “I want to see him!” It was the sweetest sight despite the pain I went through and I was thinking of Rocky, wishing for the nth he was there beside me to witness everything!

Now back to the delivery table scene, Dr. Fabe worked her magic on my lacerations, telling me it was too many due to the pressure caused by my early pushing. I feel so much better after the baby and the placenta went out from my womb, it was so light and empty! It felt rewarding after 9 long months of heaviness; but Paul is the greater reward! After recovering from my delivery, I was brought to my room and shared the bed with Paul to breastfeed him. However, my back was aching painfully and I was bleeding profusely. Good thing, Dr. Fabe checked on me in the afternoon and I was told that I needed an exploration since my cervix isn’t contracting like it’s supposed to be. She told me if I can manage with just sedation then we will do it, but if not I might need an anesthesia so I won’t feel the pain. Rocky and I opted for the sedation… The operation went on, I was sedated and felt groggy but I still feel them working on my cervix and even saw from the reflection all the instruments being used. I was already pale and was given oxygen and my family was worried when Dr. Cess Tan asked them to look for an O+ blood to transfuse due to extreme blood loss. Even if I was groggy and uneasy because of the pain, I was consciously praying to God for strength and I was completely unaware of the blood loss! My life was at stake, but my God was bigger than anything and He has proven himself worthy in the midst of a storm.

I was at the recovery room when I started feeling all kinds of prick on my left and right arm, doctors, med techs and nurses did their best to find the perfect vein for the transfusion because it was needed ASAP, but my veins collapsed due to excessive bleeding and almost all of them failed to find it and even said it was very challenging. I was half awake when I prayed to the Lord for a vein that would work its way for the blood transfusion and God once again answered our prayers.

I didn’t know I had everyone worried when Dr. Cess told me my situation was crucial. All the specialists gathered to plan what’s the best way to save my cervix and uterus but I wasn’t worried one bit because my God is greater and in control! He has given me comfort and security even if my life was at risk!

I was back in my room, and my family’s support gave me strength and Paul too because I know he needs me more than I needed anything else. I was given medications, blood transfusion and extended for 2 more days to be observed. On the fourth day, I was advised by Dr. Fabe for discharge, LBM gone, fever gone, and blood clots were controlled and IV medications were done. I was strong, able and wanting to go home to rest. The challenge this time was our finances, we didn’t expect the operation and our hospital bill was more than the money we have prepared. Though it was hard for me and Rocky, God provided for our needs and I was discharged on time!

What I have experienced is something I will never forget, it made me hold on to God for strength, it made our family stronger, it taught me and Rocky how to become better parents, it made us both love each other in the face of circumstances and it opened a new chapter in our lives. I am more than grateful for the love and support of my family most especially my dad and mom. I have learned to appreciate them as parents to 4 children and this time to 7 grandchildren. Paul’s arrival was a joyous occasion for everyone around us; it was a beautiful time to share with friends and family. People extended their love and wishes and there was so much positivity! Through it, I guess, my recovery was fast because of the people who showed their love and kindness to us.

Glory to God!


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