Hello September!


It’s the month of September and people are starting to do the countdown til Christmas day! My favorite time of the year! Now that Paul is here, our little Parcs Family will be creating beautiful memories for sure. Our boy is turning 3 months this coming September 21 and woah where did the time go? Mothering was a lot easier now than it was 2 months ago, I got the rhythm I needed and I was able to bid my pregnancy blues goodbye. Paul is so much handsome now and he’s making gurgling sounds and giggles when we’re playing. There’s so much joy and love in me and it’s very contagious! Hahaha I love being a wife to Rocky and a mom to Paul.

I wish Paul would stay as a cute baby that he is, but I know he has to grow and he must grow! In my heart, he will and always will be my baby. Aww… I never thought being a mom would be this fun and exciting! Had I known sooner I could’ve had a baby 3 years back but then God chose this time as his perfect time and he really made it beautiful!

I am more inspired now and I feel like I could give the world to Paul but I can’t and only God can! Isn’t God’s promises amazing? Thank you Lord for keeping Paul healthy, strong and happy always!

Me and my handsome and happy bubba! :)
Me and my handsome and happy bubba! 🙂

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