PaulParcs@12 Weeks

Another Milestone…

Nursing has become a huge part of me, how can it not be when I do it every 2-3 hours every day? At first I found it too tiring and stressful having to wake up in the middle of the night just to feed Paul, as time goes by it has become so easy for me to latch him and feed him. Things can really be done by practicing, it isn’t perfect but it gets better and better. I am a proud breastfeeding mom, it’s so rewarding having to feed the baby with your own milk and the fact that it doesn’t cost anything means I’m also helping with our finances. Thank you Lord for the abundance of milk and for answering our prayer to make it overflow!

Right now Paul is soundly sleeping after vomiting half of his feed tonight. I don’t worry one bit though, I know its normal and part of growing up. He smiles a lot, can see at a greater distance and recognizes me more and his tatay. He is such a people person—he loves it when there are many people, he is our celebrity baby. His photos on Facebook reaches up to 200-300 plus likes; his newborn pic even got 700-800 likes. He cries louder this time but only when he’s hungry other than that he is a happy little tot! He can now sit down with support, keeps himself busy using all his senses. He’s learning to grasp things; his hands are all over his face and lands on his mouth each time. He likes it when we talk to him and even follows what we say like “LAVU!” (his version of I love you and What’s your name? “Poooooolll, Ahh!” and other cute baby sounds. He can also lift his chest and head now when on his tummy. Lights and bright colored walls or pictures are his new best friend; he talks to it like it’s talking back to him! I know it sounds creepy but it does make him happy so I find it all good. And finally, he looks at me like a lovesick little guy while I’m working and it makes me want to stop working and just get all over him. Ahh I could go and on telling stories of Paul’s milestones and it’s just so precious to tell this story even if I have to tell it again and again.

Curious lil bunny!
Curious lil bunny!
Our lil sumo wrestler...
Our lil sumo wrestler…
Smart kid reading a book! haha
Smart kid reading a book! haha
One of our early morning sun bathing.
One of our early morning sun bathing.
Can sit with support... :)
Can sit with support… 🙂

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