Being A Work At Home Mom


Today is exceptionally beautiful, I am playing my Christmas playlist and I can’t wait til it’s Christmas. It will be our first time celebrating as a family. Yesterday was a holiday and we just stayed at sisi’s place while I worked. Paul had a lot of nannies watching over him, which is a good thing coz I was able to rest my arms from carrying him. He’s becoming more aggressive during playtime, he grabs, hold and put his toys toward his mouth and makes loud gurgling sound. He’s so pleased! The boy can hold his back and neck steadily too! In 2-3 more months he’d prolly be rolling over, crawling and can stand with support. I love that Rocky, me and Paul are a family now; it feels good to be with them all the time. Thank you God! Amazing!

Whenever I remember how my life used to be minus the pee, poo and puke it makes me want to go back and just enjoy my life. Each time I see photos of friends who are successfully working abroad it made me stop to think, whatever happened to me? I can be working abroad too buying stuff I want, do some traveling and give my family whatever they want. I have become so insecure to the point of questioning God if I will ever be able to achieve what I really want for my own life. Recently, I noticed that Paul is growing up so fast that I could not also imagine not being able to witness that in the next months or even years to come. I forgot what it really means to love one ’s self and have begun to look after Paul’s welfare, putting his needs on top of mine. Guess motherhood really changes everything. I have learned to appreciate breastfeeding and being here with him 24/7 despite working at home too. Most of my friends who are also moms tell me they could not do both at the same time and I just really want to thank God for the strength and for giving me the ability to be a WAHM (work at home mom). It is a privilege to see my son grow, to be a helper to my husband and to test the limits of what my body can do all by the grace of God.

I listed down some things which I know have been a huge help to us when I decided to become a WAHM:

1. Breastfeeding has helped me and my husband save 4K-5K pesos per month just to feed our son. I do believe God created such to provide for our bubba and has designed the breasts to produce milk. This is the reason why I am so much grateful to God for answering our prayers of overflowing milk before Paul came. I have other mom friends who have given up on the thought of breastfeeding their babies because they believed no milk is coming out from their breasts or the baby doesn’t know how to suck. How it breaks my heart that they’ve given up so easily for their baby’s sake. L It takes a lot of guts and will power if you really want only the best for your LO (little one). Someday, I will look back through all these times when I had the opportunity of feeding my child directly. Though Paul might not remember it at all, wonderful memories will remain in my heart and the bonding will forever be there. I pray that moms out there will also see how beneficial breastfeeding is to them, their babies and to their husbands.

I am a proud breastfeeding mom!
I am a proud breastfeeding mom!

2. I’d rather look after Paul than have someone else take care of him. I know I could just hire a nanny or ask my mom or my mom in law to watch over my son while I’m in some office working. Sorry, I’m not sorry to say I am at ease taking care of him and watching him grow whilst working. It is a joy for me to be independent with my own son and husband at home. If I want some help, I’d hire a stay out helper to clean the house and do the laundry or cook when I’m working but leave the baby caring to me. It pays to be a hands on mom, and again, another 2K-3K saved per month.

With mommy around, PaulParcs is happy and uber healthy!
With mommy around, PaulParcs is happy and uber healthy!

3. Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” Genesis 2:18

I strongly believe God created women to help empower their husbands. Yes, husbands are the provider but the Bible clearly states that we must be a helper to him. Help in such ways to lessen the burden by being thrifty and wise. If we can do it at home without the need of a house help then do so to at least help in the budget; don’t buy unnecessary stuff and stop complaining or nagging. Ask God for wisdom how you can be a suitable help to your husband and make your house a joyful home.

Our happy little family.
Our happy little family.

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