Facts On Breastfeeding

On Breastfeeding

Okay, so today I just remembered that I haven’t mentioned in my previous jourblogs that Paul is overweight. HUWATTT?!!! Yes, he is overweight! 7.6kgs for a 3 month old is apparently big and heavy. No wonder I get so tired and weary at the end of the day. Woah! Our pedia said its okay, no need for a diet since he will need his baby fats in the coming months when he will be active and all over the place. Besides breast milk is perfectly safe and healthy for baby, doc said we will start to worry about his weight when he is already 1 year old and still overweight. I am just grateful that God gave me overflowing milk to feed Paul. I’ve read online information on breast feeding which proved to be very helpful and I found these facts surprising:

  1. Pressure from others can affect your milk let down.
  2. Baby can survive with just drops of breast milk up to forty days. The reason a baby is crying is because of the sudden change of environment (from mom’s womb to outside world) and not due to hunger.
  3. Mother’s should allow ample time for her breast milk to flow; usually it takes 3 days before it will start to produce milk.
  4. Mother’s supply will always satisfy baby’s need, do not believe others when they say your milk is not enough.
  5. A healthy diet can also help a lot to produce more milk. Drink lots of water too!
  6. Pregnancy and breast feeding are interrelated, which means whatever you’ve experienced emotionally and physically when you were pregnant is a factor to consider on your breast milk production.
  7. Breastfed babies are happy and contented babies!
Always smiling even when asleep. :)
Always smiling even when asleep. 🙂

I guess being a mom has brought me to a whole new level. I am learning a lot everyday and everyday is superbly awesome! I have yet to share about Paul’s developmental milestones. And oh, 2 weeks ago he had his first PENTA vaccination and he didn’t cry, only a loud yelp. Haha He is so brave and strong, told him it would be like an ants bite, small but painful. He only cried later in the afternoon due to fever but all in all Thank you Lord!


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