Growing Up Too Fast

Don’t Grow Up Too Fast…

I decided not to close my eyes or get some sleep when I saw how fast Paul is growing up. I don’t want to miss a thing. I’m starting to miss it when he was still a newborn who just sleeps a lot, doesn’t move too much and is too fragile when I carry him. Now, he is like a machine that moves a lot and it’s pretty surprising how ‘4 months’ can bring about tremendous changes to a baby. He baby talks a lot now than I could imagine, he can laugh so hard, starts to turn on his left or right when placed flat on bed and just wouldn’t stop discovering his body parts and his surroundings. God this is too much for me to take and I just couldn’t digest the fact that he is fast becoming a big boy! Sob! I will miss his tiny frame and how he looks at me like a young man in love. But I’m just too proud to say that he is well taken care of by me and Rocky, and we love him so much more than anything. I really thank the Lord for giving us Paul. What a wonderful gift he is to us!

Squishy Paul... How adorbs!
Squishy Paul… How adorbs!

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