Little Miss Perfect


I am an OC in a good way (is there such thing??!) I want our home neat and tidy, I hate it when I see a speck of dust on the floor. I can’t focus when I know I still have some household chore waiting for me to be done. I arrange my clothes according to color and books according to its number or series. I’m scared of making mistakes coz I want everything to be perfect and planned out the way I want it to be and when things doesn’t turn out the way I want it, I GET FRUSTRATED, DISCOURAGED and DISAPPOINTED. I cry and get hurt so bad that it breaks my heart. This has been going on for years and I realized that life shouldn’t be dealt like this.

I realized that:
-it’s okay to have dusts lurking around the house (at least for a day).
-we don’t need a plan, sometimes we just need to be spontaneous and enjoy life by seizing every moment.
-everything is a matter of choice, how we deal with problems and how we react towards it.
-a clutter would be fun once in a while to somehow break the monotony.
-it’s okay to make mistakes, laugh it off and learn from it.
-it’s perfectly fine not to be perfect!

I hope that these little lessons I’ve learned today will teach you a thing or two. 🙂




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