Falling Star

I could really use a wish right now…

I had a very productive day and to reward myself I went out of the house for fresh air at our veranda. It was just like any other day, the stars set in the expanse of the sky, the cool December wind blows, I heard the rustling of leaves and the sound of a howling dog fill the emptiness of the night. Though the scene isn’t new to me, everything’s perfect and I couldn’t ask for a better place than where I am now. I whispered a prayer and reflected upon the events for today, it was surely one exhausting day for me but my heart is filled with gratitude. I often feel lonely and wish that I can do some of my traveling and adventures like I used to but it has to wait. I was in deep thought when suddenly, out of nowhere I saw a falling star! It happened all too fast that I have to catch my breath. I was in DEEP AWE and AMAZEMENT! It has been years since I last saw one and to see it now was just perfect! It cheered me up, it brought me joy, it made my heart skipped a beat, it was all too good and dang the moment couldn’t be more better. I missed the part where you have to make a wish when you see a falling star, and though I could have had done it, I chose not to. I just stared back at the empty space mesmerized. That moment was too good to be true, I smiled and the excitement within me was child like. It dawned on me that I don’t need to make a wish, I already got everything that I could ever wish for in my life. I AM BLESSED. I AM LOVED. For me, that’s all that matters. 🙂



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