Super Typhoon Hagupit


We’re gearing towards the end of the year and typhoons are trending once again. Last year, I can vividly recall how devastating Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) was, it killed so many lives and destroyed cities and provinces in the Philippines. Add to that the earthquake which happened a month earlier. Everyone grieved and felt the sadness of our country for thousands of lost lives.

Tacloban have not fully recovered yet from last years downfall and this week is all about preparation and information dissemination for yet another natural disaster coming our way, the super typhoon Ruby #RubyPH with the international name of Hagupit. You can’t blame people here for emptying grocery shelves, traffic jams and for rushing to go home right after work to be with their families.

A calamity brings a family closer, friends too, it keeps everyone alert and united. This is a time when people (even the ones you don’t know) comfort and offer each other prayers.

We are to be grateful technology now plays a major role in this. The 24 hour updates make everyone grow keen and heightens alertness. I can’t say we are better prepared this year than last year, we don’t know what to expect so it’s good that all of us are preparing for the worst (should it be worst) but let’s also pray it won’t cause too much damage like Haiyan’s.

This is a super typhoon, stronger than any typhoon and has rapdily intensified increasing its threat as it entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). Classes have been cancelled and establishments are closed today although Ruby is expected to make a landfall early Saturday morning, this is to ensure people’s safety.

I am asking all of you to please cover my country, the Philippines in prayer. May God keep us safe and away from harm.

God bless the Philippines!




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