Christmas Feel

Holiday Cheer…

It’s past the hour of 1 in the morning and I am still wide awake. So instead of staring blankly in the dark I decided to grab my mobile phone and started typing down bits and pieces of thoughts from my overworked brain. My baby has turned me completely from a morning person to a night person. I’m fond of working during night time because there’s silence and I don’t easily get distracted. A time where I could reflect and finally be able to formulate sentences for my blogs (mind you, pending blogs!).

Though I sleep late, my body clock wakes me up soooo early in the morning (like 5am) and when I see my baby still sleeping, I’d go back to dreamland again. I find it annoying because I wanted to savor sleep like I used to when I was a teenager (sleeping til noontime or even more). I guess, it would take some time for me to enjoy sleeping again when my boy’s big enough perhaps?

So yes, I am here to just say we have 7 days more til Christmas day! It’s the first Christmas of #PaulParcs, his first plane ride and travel on the 25th going to Bacolod City (our hometown) and our very first Christmas as a family. This deserves a family picture to hang on the wall! Ayt?

And what I thought would be a boring Christmas for me turned out to be a happier one. Since I am no longer affiliated to a company, I don’t get to join a company party. However, 2 Fridays ago, I attended my first Christmas party ( Eperformax LG) together with hubby and Paul then tomorrow’s my DASH lifegroup party, Sunday will be our church’s party and another party (no date yet) with my ex-colleagues from TRAX. Simple things as that but I really want to honor the Lord for hearing my heart’s desires.

Let’s call it a day… Til next time…Zzzzz

Christmas gift on defocused lights background


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