The Year That Was and The Year That Is

Happy New Year!!!

I have completely forgotten what it really feels like celebrating the New Year. My family and I went through a very tough time before we began 2015. Yes, it’s been a challenging year for me but 2014 have made me STRONGER, WISER and BETTER than ever. December 28 when I received a text message from my sister that our mom was rushed to the ER due to heart attack. My son was just recovering from fever and flu and here we are having our Christmas vacation when all of these unexpected events came up. None of it were part of the plan and I could really say my vacation was far from what I expected it to be. I thought I’d be having a good time at some resort, sipping a cool drink or wading in the water and not one ever happened.

My husband and I immediately cancelled all plans for that day and went to the hospital directly. My mom was lying in bed pale and a bit groggy but I was grateful to see her fighting back and trying her best to stay alert. She is the epitome of beauty, strength and grace under pressure.

Soon after a series of discussion between my dad and the medical team, mom was confined in the ICU for close monitoring because she almost had cardiac arrest. God is really our Savior, he spared my mom’s life and gave her another chance to live. Prayers by family and friends were heard.

Today, she is on her way to recovery and though we are miles apart I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind that my dad and mom spent the New Year in the hospital for the first time, just the two of them. I felt a little sad and I started yearning for my family to be complete again after two years of not being together.

Some things may not happen the way we want it to be yet each and every single part of it holds a reason we will soon come to appreciate.

I am thankful that God protected my mom’s life and covered the entire family with his grace.

This whole experience taught me the importance of family. We may have lots of money or be successful in life but without our family it would all mean nothing.

The season of Christmas is not all about the parties, gift givings or the busyness it brings. It’s all about our family, they are the best and the most beautiful present we will ever have!

“Lord, I pray that you fill us with love, patience and joy. Bless mommy with good health and restore every part of her body to function well. Heal and renew her that she may bless and praise your most holy name. We put our trust in you Lord. Be glorified. Amen.”



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