Getting Sentimental

You are worth it…

I couldn’t exactly remember when I last had my eyes wet with tears. Today, was an exception, I looked at Paul and realize that he is getting bigger everyday and that in less than 6 months he will turn 1 year old already. How time flies… True, a mother becomes emotional and sentimental when it comes to her child and that’s how I feel right this very moment.

If only I could bring back the time where I first held him, he was fragile, small and like an angel he captured our hearts. Now, he is enjoying his walker and roams around the room like a curious bunny preying on his next ‘mouth’ victim. The sight of him getting giddy when offered food and toys is just a wonder any mom would never ever forget.

3 days ago I rummaged through his old clothes to give to another baby, his onesies, socks and gloves were such a cutie that I couldn’t imagine him being that small before and it made my heart melt with yearning.

I am just glad I made the decision of becoming a WAHM and taking care of him is worth all the effort and sleepless nights. All because I don’t want to miss a single thing while he is growing up. No regrets.

Some people may find me weird but I like it that Paul is clingy towards me, I just love the feeling of being needed by my son, hugged and touched by him. Soon, he will outgrow everything and may forget our bond but surely these are the best memories I am bringing with me in the future.

I should stop now, I can’t help myself but get teary eyed. One day, Paul will read this and may say I’m being too emotional and we could laugh about it all we want.

Thank you dear God for my son.

I love you #PaulParcs šŸ™‚


@6months taken last December 21, 2014



My first Christmas šŸ™‚



Smiling before take off.



Goal setting 2015 with this guy



Paul’s first plane ride…



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