Simple Things

Learn to Appreciate the Simple Things in Life…

From the day #PaulParcs was born, I talked nothing else but him. I’ve been very vocal about my experiences and learnings on motherhood since day 1. I shared about my pregnancy, delivery and my baby to friends, family and even in my jourblogs and I’m pretty sure others may find me a nuisance already. lol What can a first time mom do? I’m all psyched up, excited and in love with my little boy and surely even after the years have gone I will keep in mind every detail and will still talk about it again and again!

Before, whenever I’m at the mall I could recall how I used to look around the ladies’ section for pretty dresses, bags and shoes but now I go straight to the baby’s department and look for cute stuff for Paul. Sure, motherhood changes everything and though it’s the toughest job I know, it’s also the most rewarding and fulfilling!

I’m not a detailed type of person and I hate going into details as this takes up much of my time and effort. However, I realized that having a baby makes one go into details and it makes me want to take as much info and memories as I possibly could. Every single thing my son does I want to be the first to see it and I always savor every moment. Just watching him raise his hands and make a wave with each of his fingers can be amusing. I couldn’t stop myself from being amazed how a little being can bring so much joy and laughter into my life.

It was my mother’s 60th birthday yesterday, Paul and I took the chance to go to their place to celebrate with her. My son’s presence made a big difference in such a simple birthday celebration for my mom. She was grateful for having us that day and I saw how much joy a baby can really bring to the entire family. Not only to our family but Paul is the apple of everyone’s eye.

It was also yesterday that I found out his two lower front teeth started to show up. No wonder my nipples are getting sore every time he feeds. His teeth are too cute too handle that I cried after he bit my right nipple! Sob! But it was still worth it. How’s that sound for a mom? Others will find me weird but who cares. I just love being a mom!

Thank you Lord! πŸ™‚


I am so amazed!



Family swimming time… πŸ™‚


Paul's first dip!

Paul’s first dip!



The chicken dance! lol!

The chicken dance! lol!




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