Not Because…

My Child,

The days are quickly passing by and each day I see you grow more handsome and wiser. Each week you have a new trick to show like clapping your hands, wave it, do ‘align’ and even act like you’re bored. Today I learned that you have something new to offer and it makes me so excited to share it with family and friends. Last January 27, 2015, your 2 lower teeth became visible and mommy cried because you bit me during one of our feedings. I have to turn to Mr. Google for help and found out what I needed to do and you didn’t do it again. February 12, 2015 your 2 upper teeth is beginning to erupt and though I fear you’d bite me again, joy overcame it.

I am starting to regret the first few months I complained of a back pain, lack of sleep, stress and fatigue whilst you do all the opposite. I realized that for 7 long months mommy was able to endure it, all because I love you. Now, I am learning how to take one day at a time with you, enjoying your noise, laughter, cries and a whole lot more just so I can be the first to witness it all. The more I give myself to you, the more I appreciate the things you can do.

Soon enough you will understand all these letters and blogs I am writing and though mommy would rather keep it to myself, someday I know you will find my writings amusing.

  • I chose to breastfed you not because we want to save money but because I want only the best for you.
  • I stopped working not because nobody can take care of you but because I want to be there for you in your formative years.
  • I complained that I’m tired not because you’re giving me a hard time but because mommy’s going through a lot and dealing with hormones is one of them.
  • I cried myself buckets of tears not because I don’t love you but because I can’t say the right words to express my joy but my eyes can.
  • I laughed at you not because you look foolish but because you give me a sense of pride in every milestone and developmental stages you achieved.
  • I run to Mr. Google for help not because I don’t trust my motherly instincts but because I want to be sure I render the best care to you my precious child.

I really have never learned what true and unconditional love is until I had you. Times and seasons may change but my love for you will always remain.

I love you #PaulParcs ā™„

mommy and Paul


true love

true love

truly blessed!

truly blessed!


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