Monday Random Thoughts

3 more months…

3 more months to go before #PaulParcs turns 1. I have often wondered where did the time go? And though I’ve asked this a million times in my head, I am beginning to realize he will soon be taking his first step, eat his own meal, go to school and will do stuff all by himself. I can’t even take a decent picture of him nowadays because of his movement, it’s either hazy or blurry. He can now stand on his own, make smacking sounds with his lips, make a ‘cute’ look if he wants to be carried by me and even raise his voice louder to get what he wants. All too soon, these things will become a memory for me to reminisce and one thing for sure, he will outgrow my arms and lap–no longer will I be able to carry him. Though it’s getting a bit hard for me to swallow the fact that my baby is getting bigger and growing up everyday, I am trying my best to be strong and to raise him well as a person. I may wish him to be a tiny baby forever so I could carry him most of the time but he has a destiny to fulfill. I wonder how many moms out there share the same sentiments as I do? Will I be able to discipline him well? Train and direct him to where he must go and what he must be? I have too many worries but God’s word assures me that he will guide us as a family. This is no joke and I found out that it ain’t easy raising up another human being but too many parents did it, some with even 4 or more kids. So definitely we can do this, we will make it fun and we will make lots of good memories together! That’s all for today… One more thing, I hope he will still look at me like a love-struck fool even when he grows up.haha 🙂

Our little man...
Our little man…
Sand, Sea, Skies, Summer
Sand, Sea, Skies, Summer
My summer loves!
My summer loves!

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