Thoughts On Parenting (A Father’s Point of View)

For the novice and the experts too… One can learn a thing or two… Written by my loving husband, Rocky Parcon. =)

It’s almost 10 months since #Paulparcs came into our lives. I know we are still in the learning process on how to become good parents. Our childhood upbringing are totally different and I believe how Ira and I were raised during our childhood years greatly affects our parenting skill. So over the past few months we sought guidance from our mentors and searched for reading materials in the internet that talks about parenting and we usually share our thoughts over a cup of coffee… Here are five simple points that we agreed on:

1. Generational Parenting. Never allow your parents shortcomings during your childhood years dictate how you will raise your own children. Be wise to cut off any habits and characteristics which are not helpful and pass on traits that impacts growth. Know how to filter the good attributes from the bad.
2. Start planting good seeds while they are still young. Always speak life to your children and teach them to be generous at all times. Set good examples through your actions and avoid arguments in front of your children. Pray together as a family, read bible stories before bedtime and train them to be thankful always even with simple things. Remember, children easily absorb whatever they see and hear inside the home.
3. Discipline. This is one of the proofs that you love your children. Explain the reason why they need to be corrected and disciplined. Let them understand that you are doing it for their own good and because you love them. Correct them privately and avoid humiliating them in public. Make sure to point out specific behaviors (right from wrong) and take time to explain or talk it over to them.
4. Be present always. I am guilty of this but I’m definitely in the process of improving myself in this area by God’s help. I am not saying that you leave your job and take care of them 24/7. Make quality moments and give your undivided attention to your kids. Now matter how busy you are, take time to play and interact with them once you get home from the office. It’s not how long you spend time with them but how you make every moment memorable and fun. Lavish them with your love and kindness, after all…
“Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we substitute presence to presents”
5. Jesus centered. You are building a strong foundation in your children’s life when you introduce Jesus while they are still young. Tell them your personal story on how you came to know Jesus and share to them the importance of having Jesus in your life. Go to church together as a family, expose them to kid’s ministry and show them how to praise and worship Jesus. Have them memorize Bible verses by heart. More importantly, show them how to live not a religious life, but a godly life.
 “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” ‭Proverbs‬ ‭22‬:‭6‬
Our family is our first ministry.
Our family is our first ministry.

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