Our Family Adventure

Paul the Little Traveler…

The past 2 weeks was entirely a whole new experience for us as a family. There were inconveniences along the way like carrying loads of things for three, traveling with an 11 month old baby and my mood swings hitting me from time to time. I am grateful though that my husband is so patient and willing to do anything to keep us all three to enjoy our long vacay. He was very considerate and sensitive towards my needs, like when my back ached from letting Paul walk down the floor and my arms felt numb from carrying him Rocky would immediately take him from me so I can rest and enjoy the trip.

It was tiring but real fun and I wouldn’t trade any of it because being with my fam gave me a different perspective on how traveling looks like when we’re together.

A week before we went to Ma-asin, Leyte for a wedding, I was having second thoughts of going. First, Paul wasn’t feeling well and second it would take 5 hours by boat and another hour by land to get to our destination wedding; doesn’t sound like too much fun especially with a baby practicing to walk and who easily gets bored without something to do.

After going through the motions of whether to go or not, Rocky and I agreed that we will go no matter what it takes because we love doing things together as a family. YES! The packing of clothes and toys began, I was excited at the same time nervous for Paul’s first boat ride. Much to my surprise, our little boy was very cooperative and happy! Yay! I guess he was really born a traveler. He kept on smiling, clapping, giggling and played with other kids. He kept on chattering too like telling us that he was so happy about this trip and all that. Whew! Thank God for Paul. What a good little one in spite of the heat, the sweat and crowd he managed to put on a smile. GRACE!

I learned a lesson coming from him, and that is to be grateful at all times. I just saw how contented he was having us around and looking at people, paintings, lights, birds and the ocean.

I want to say this travel was an eye opener for me but more than anything our Leyte trip opened up a whole new world for Paul. Looking forward to our next adventure!:-)



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