Little Wanderer

Walking Paul…

We’ve been so eager to see Paul take his real steps now that he is officially one year old. Some babies start to walk earlier than one year but from what I have read from baby center, this milestone will take other babies longer to develop like up to 24 months! Good thing we already trained him to stand up and balance himself since he was 7 months old but it was only last week when he took the courage to walk alone and transfer from one place to another. Although he was already walking when he was 9 months old, I believe at that time his muscles weren’t as strong as it is now and he wasn’t as confident as he is now. As first time parents, we’re so proud to see him take off and yes, happy to free our shoulders and arms from carrying him around. The downside, back ache from running after him and picking him up when he’s taking a dangerous route! Still, it is super fun and fulfilling!;-)

I would like to call him now our little wanderer. I can’t wait to travel with this guy and go to places around the world.:-)  


2 thoughts on “Little Wanderer”

  1. It’s amazing to see these tiny people walking! This is when the hard work begins, they want to walk everywhere all the time and once they hit around two, the novelty has worn off and nothing but your arms will do again *sigh. It’s a fun milestone!

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