One could have not been more prouder than the people of London for the opening of the Olympics 2012 held in London today and while watching it on TV, I caught myself saying the words ‘woah’, ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’! Everything was perfectly orchestrated down to the minute of the minute details. It was simply a jubilant celebration for all the great men and women representing their countries and the people seated there awaits for the their respective flags to be raised and country to be called. I am not in the position to describe everything that took place so please do watch it on and I can just picture myself out being there wide smiled, teary eyed and feeling my heartbeat with excitement for what is yet to come. Soon after, the cameras focused on a group of Englishmen dressed in a black suit with black hats saluting in  honor of their great country, London. They were in a festive mood to almost crying; and one could not blame them for not being able to hold back how they feel at that particular moment.

I wonder if it looks the same when the doors of heaven opens for God’s chosen people to rise and dwell together with him. I could feel the moment, the sounds of trumpets calling us, the heavenly hosts welcoming us with singing and dancing, oh God would there be fireworks too? or even more? What would heaven be like when we get there? I might be saying more than just my usual ‘wow’s’, it would definitely be a time of glorious celebration! haha

Deep down in my heart, I know and I am pretty sure that the reason why I still have longings is because I am not home yet til I really get home to heaven. That’s the only place to be and the place I desire to be in! When times get rough I am reminded by the word of God in Psalm 84:10 saying: “BETTER IS ONE DAY IN YOUR COURTS THAN A THOUSAND ELSEWHERE!” Where would we choose us to be other than the comforts we have in this world? As surely, we want it to be in HEAVEN! If we can host a big celebration in this world, in God’s kingdom it would be so much more! It will stomp on our expectations down.

If London was a proud and happy place today, I would regard heaven to be an even happier place as I claim my citizenship there! So save your excitement and prepare yourselves for the grandest celebration coming really soon…

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Philippians 3:20



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