Season to Celebrate

The ‘BER’ months are coming and it’s giving me the chills ‘brrr’.. I am excited for the fact that there will be lots of partying and celebration of birthdays and the holidays. It’s only in the Philippines wherein the Christmas season starts during September and ends all the way to January. The Spirit of Christmas is always in our hearts! We also have Oktoberfest and an array of festivals to choose from. I could only guess that in the coming weeks, our schedule will be full and I need to get myself to trim a bit for the ‘highlights’ which is FOOD! I’m pretty sure you too will have your own share of fun as we celebrate life and love!

For this season be sure to stay healthy even if the food temptation is high! Exercise and have enough rest and sleep to balance the late night partying. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday to combat dehydration and to maintain alertness. Take your vitamins, eat three times a day with fruits and vegetables for a healthy and balanced diet. Get connected with your family and socialize with friends to release tension from work and be free from stress. Laugh, smile more often and think always of positive thoughts. Pray and have your daily quiet time to give thanks to the One who is faithful enough to let you enjoy this life! As the song goes: “CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES C’MON!’



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