Early Morning Bloopers

i was up sooo early for our filing yesterday… too excited i guess… only 3 hours of sleep so i could get a good number. i went to my friend’s flat before 4:30a.m. (thank God for my dad, he too has to sacrifice his deep sleep to drop me and eventually left)… so me and my friends were like scavengers waiting to avenge and scrutinize every waking moment… the sun wasn’t up yet (of course).. and we have to ride a trike all 8 of us just to get to the said school where we will be filing our scrubs to be able to take the Dec. NLE… when we arrived, we were all surprised to see eager Augustinian graduate nurses lining up and sitting just to get a no. as early as 2 am! thankfully, we got ourselves good nos. to accommodate us… and there were only like 300+ who were applying… the gym was jampacked with people but it was a really nice experience for us all.. and boy, we never felt glad coz some school’s were not there yet and others were already through filing in iloilo… so it was mostly me and my schoolmates who were there, and so we were able to finish (i’m one of them!) by 6:30p.m. and yes God is really good to me!;)


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