On Boys and Toys

Playtime… Quality Time…

Lately, I’ve been struggling to balance work and play with my son. It’s been a constant battle between blogging and feeding that I always end up not getting a thing or 2 done until he is asleep at night. I sleep late and wake up early with only 4-5 hours of restful eye shut (2-3 feeding interruptions) every night . I get grouchy and find myself follow suit my toddler’s crankiness. I’ve always wanted to spend more time with Paul but work permits me not as I have deadlines to catch up and I am almost always tempted to say that 24 hours a day is not enough for me and that I need more time.

Working at home is a blessing but the struggle is real, believe me! I always end up with a toddler in my lap watching a video while his hands are all over the place, tapping my laptop’s keyboard or throwing toys. If he’s not quite satisfied with the attention I am giving him, you’ll find him latching, sticking his fingers inside my mouth and hearing him say “mom-my” 10x in one minute. Oh how I love to hear him say that and I don’t mind hearing it repeatedly.
It is a pleasure watching my son grow every single day. He is one show I enjoy watching over and over again. I love how he looks at me for comfort after bumping his head or tripping down the floor. When he wants milk he says “mah, mah” or if he’s taking a bath he says “sho-wah”. He plays with bubbles and calls it “ba-ba-ba-bubbles”. Paul is a breath of fresh air! He completely surprises me and his tatay day after day.

He can play on his own and still enjoy himself. He goes to his play area and pulls out books to see pictures and pretends that he’s reading them. His imagination is wild and very creative! He puts a plastic from his diaper on his shoulder and thinks he is flying like superman. He makes helicopter sounds and flies the airplane. He knows different animal sounds and is interested in learning the Alphabet and solar system. He is such a wise guy at 1 year and 3 months!

He is my daily workout and my constant companion at everything. He is my audience when I pee or take a bath, he’s always right behind me while I do something in the kithen and he’s like a waggling tail who follows me wherever I go around the house. Even when he does that, it is just so cute and I don’t find it a nuisance! When he started walking, I have to use thrice the energy I have to keep up with his high energy level; he amuses us with a peek-a-boo game, he climbs our sofa and tries to roll down, he loves to run and get chased, he likes rolling on the bed, do tumblings and go down by himself. I only realize at the end of the day how exhausted I am.

Nevertheless, motherhood is an experience I would never want to trade in.



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