Running After You

Psalm 39:5

As I lay in bed checking out random tweets on Twitter, my husband suddenly pulled me close to him for a hug. My head was on his chest and while I was still consumed by the day’s events (although it’s already 2 in the morning when I wrote this) I began to settle my head slowly and lightly on him and felt his tight hug. I also noticed his deep breathing while asleep, the rising and falling of his chest and then I heard the loud thumping of his heart imagining the lub-dub sound to an i-ra… 

I was caught off guard when images of my grandmother and Rocky’s grandmother appeared out of nowhere and thought to myself that just like them I would want to live life a bit longer to see my grand children and great grand children. It would be historical to see 4 generations in my lifetime. 70 years old is enough for me in this world and to say I have lived it well would even be more fulfilling.

My husband’s heartbeat reminded me of our life here on earth, when each of our lifetime comes to an end the heart stops beating. It is put to rest by our Creator, it has already served everyone well the moment it was formed in our mother’s womb. With just a snap of God’s fingers, He can powerfully put an end to our heartbeat, He can stop giving us oxygen in order for us not to breathe and He can simply end our life just like that. But of course He wouldn’t do that, because to God we mean more than the world to Him.

Have you lived your life well? Have you served God to the fullest? What gives you satisfaction in life? Is it temporary? Or eternal ones?

Our life here on earth is but a breath… Stop chasing after meaningless things and start running after God!

Psalm 39:5 

“You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Everyone is but a breath, even those who seem secure.”

May this song remind us how we can make every beat of our hearts worth living!

Running by CFNI

I hear the voice, the voice of the one I love,

He’s calling my name.

I hear the voice, the voice of the one I love,

He’s calling my name.

He’s saying, come up higher, you’ll hear the angels sing.

Come up higher my beloved,

Come up higher and leave this world behind.

You’ll find me to be beautiful


I am running, running after You

You become my souls delight

I am running, running after You,

Here with You I find my life

One thing have I desired, this will I seek after

To dwell in Your house forevermore

Now I’m running after, the thing that really matters

You’ve become my joy and song.


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