My Lunch

Those were the days…

It’s funny how my lunch today reminded me of the days when it was just me and Paul at home for 4 months. It was those days when I worked, fed him, put him to bed, play with him and do house chores. When I eat lunch, I have to make sure he is sleeping so I can cook without distractions and while cooking I have to ran back and forth every 3 minutes from the kitchen to the room to make sure he doesn’t fall off the bed (he doesn’t have crib). When it’s time for me to eat, I eat alone facing the wall or watch TV and for what seemed like eternity I could feel my stomach churn longing for my husband’s presence (he’s at work).

Now that we have house help, that makes us three at home when my husband is at work. I missed the times I have alone with Paul … Right now, I am eating lunch ALONE (the helper went out for an errand) reminiscing of those times and looking back I realized how brave I was!

Here’s lunch today!  Yum! 🙂


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