Family Travels

Travel Buddies…

I have high regard for parents who are willing to sacrifice their comfort just to bring their kids with them when they travel even if it means travelling without a ‘yaya’ or a nanny.

I have fond memories of travelling with my family especially with my mom when I was a kid. My mom’s decision to bring us all 4 kids together plus my dad whenever we travel is something I will never forget. This is the reason why I have restless feet!

My mom is my first travel buddy and it’s a good thing she taught me at a young age to be vigilant, quick and wise when going to other places. We’ve been to Cagayan de Oro, Bohol, Dumaguete, Baguio, Manila, Davao and Singapore together for so many times in each places.

As a young kid exposed to travelling, I embrace flexibility when I’m in other places like the back of my hand even if I am used to a very comfortable life offered me at home.

Benefits of Travelling As a Kid:

1. I have mastered the art of travelling light even if it means a week of being away from home. I bring just one luggage and my shoulder bag, to cut the long story short I recycle my clothes and I bring lightweight wardrobes to avoid paying for excess.

2. When I’m at home, I move a little slow and quite laidback. When I travel I transform into a ferocious wild animal and move 3x my normal self.

3. I meticulously do some checking and rechecking of my “stuffs to bring” making sure nothing is ever missed out, especially not my travel documents and I.D.’s.

4. I am very vigilant and quick to spot suspiscious looking persons although this may sound a bit judgmental but it’s better this way than not having to look after yourself and your things really well.

Now the tables have turned, with a toddler in tow wherever I and my husband go because we don’t have a nanny and because it’s a personal decision we choose to make. This made me decide to the same thing when I had #PaulParcs although I waited until he was one year old before we travelled to far places locally. 

His first travel was a plane ride bound to Bacolod and then back to Cebu when he was only 6 months old. Who would’ve thought it would become my worst nightmare! He was restless and uneasy even with all the necessary preps I made and researched. All of it wasn’t too helpful until he fell asleep. After that trip, my husband and I vowed never to ride the airplane again until Paul is old enough to keep himself still and calm.

His next travel was by land from Cebu going to Oslob and back to watch the whale sharks, he was 9 months old. It was a total of 6 hours travel and was a pleasant one because he was just asleep most of the time. My husband and I began to regain our confidence in Paul that travelling with him wasn’t a bad idea after all as long as we’re in a car!

Another travel came when we were invited to a wedding at Leyte, this time we needed to ride a big ferry for 6 long hours and after that another 1 hour travel by land going to Maasin and he was 11 months old at that time. I kept praying he would find it a good experience riding the boat and to my surprise, he enjoyed the ride because there were many people including kids and he loved watching the waves of the sea. The one hour travel by bus was easy breezy too! He just slept and the people who were with us said he is a well behaved baby unlike other kids who cries a lot, good thing he was so calm all throughout the trip. Whew!

The next trip happened last November during a friends wedding at Bohol. I feared that Paul won’t like riding a fast craft because of the waves and the small space the boat has to offer. He’s 16 months old during that time and the fact that he moves a lot, very curious and couldn’t sit still made my mind go crazy. We woke up as early as 4am to catch tbe first trip and he smiled next to us the moment he opened his eyes. I sensed it was going to be a good travel for us again and yes it happened! 

At 17 months, I am very confident that Paul can travel well with us like a pro. Recently, we went to Baguio for another wedding and the 6 hours bus ride going there and 9 hours travel back to Manila wasn’t a big deal for him. In fact, he had a great time doing some sight seeing until he fell asleep and everytime he wakes up, we feed, play, sing and enjoyed the moment like no other. I am so proud of my toddler, a certified traveller, a future missionary who will go to places around the world someday. As parents to Paul, this is an achievement! Not all dads and moms do this, they’d rather travel with nannies or leave the kids at home and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. The idea of travelling together as a family is taking on the challenge set before you, you discover the ups and downs and you learn from it, family travels bring you closer to one another and it’s an experience you and your children will never regret and never forget!

Though we get to see more of Paul’s head than the scenery because his safety is our priority, we have to run after him and make sure he doesn’t fall in a hole or bump his head. Still this doesn’t stop us from pursuing our desire to travel together. 

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! To more future family trips here and abroad. Yayyy!   



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