New Year, New Beginning

Hello 2016!

What I love about the new year is the feeling of starting all over again and closing the last page of a book to start with a new one. I started the year with so much positivity, hope and love. It’s good to be able to reflect on the previous year thanking God for all the answered prayers, goals achieved and blessings received. 

Two words to describe my 2015: STUPENDOUSLY BLESSED

4 Things I would like to highlight in my 2015:


2015 was a year of abundance for us. I was blessed to work with several employers who were kind, considerate and generous. My husband, Rocky got a salary increase and was given the X-Factor Award for being excellent at work. We consider our jobs as blessings God has favorably given us! Through my online job I gained a lot of experiences, learned new things in terms of technology and in business, I made new connections abroad and earned 4x bigger than my office job. As a family we have enjoyed many things, went to places and had the time of our life (this is where point number 2 begins).


It’s a challenge to travel with a toddler moreso with an infant (the reason why we were not able to travel when Paul was less than a year old). When he was almost one year old we had the privilege of travelling and took this challenge on our shoulders. 2015 was indeed a year of family adventure for us from Oslob, Bohol, Leyte, Baguio and Bacolod. This year, we are looking forward for more considering that Paul is also a born traveller like us!


What can I say? Thank you sweet Jesus for the life you have given us! Waking up to a new morning everyday is already a blessing in itself. He has blessed me and my fam with good health, sound mind and strong bodies! 

In 2015, we celebrated Paul’s first birthday a milestone we shared together with our family and friends and was one joyous celebration that Paul so highly deserved.

It was also a year of birthday surprises for me and my husband, one I will never forget and one that I will always cherish forever!


LIFEGROUP: After months of hiatus, I gathered the courage to lead my lifegroup and grateful I am today to have found not only new friends but sisters in Christ! We prayed together, worshipped God together and encouraged one another.

FRIENDS: I am also grateful for my TRAX friends because we always stay connected even if life has brought us to different directions. I think they’re the only friends I have left (next to my LEAR-PETC Nurses friends) after I left the corporate world. I’m glad that they could well relate to me whenever I share the downside of being a WAHM (working alone means no colleagues and being stuck in the 4 corner walls of our home). I am not complaining, in fact I love being at home with Paul. 

FAMILY: My journey in life would’ve been so boring without my family. The support, love and care they’re giving me is overwhelming. My deep appreciation in life goes out to my parents for giving me a secure and comfortable life. Growing up, all I could ever think of are the wonderful memories I’ve gained because of them. My siblings, in-laws and the kiddos made it all the more fun and exciting. Glory to God!

ROCKY and PAUL: They are my greatest treasure! No amount of awards, rewards or achievements could come close to what I consider them in my life to be.

Rocky taught me how to love unconditionally, to serve joyfully without complaining, to forgive even the worst of all people, to laugh off my mistake and learn from them, to worship God even in the downest moment of my life and to move on, let go and let God! He made me appreciate who a Proverbs 31 woman is, he brought out the best in me, believed in me and pushed me to become excellent in all things. He made me laugh and cry at his jokes telling me not to take life seriously. Where would I be without him? I cannot imagine life not having my husband beside me in any given lifetime.

Paul is still a toddler but one should never underestimate what a toddler can do. He taught me to be more patient and by that I mean 100x more patient than usual, to take one day at a time and savour every moment, to laugh at petty things and cry only when it is necessary, to be a kid again not only by heart but in everything! He brought the little Kikik out from me and my happy childhood memories came flooding again! Paul taught me to watch my words and to be careful with my actions and reactions (he is watching my/our every move) and follows them by heart. He inspired me to pursue God all the more, to read books, listen to good music, be creative and write blogs so he could follow in my footsteps. This toddler may be small but he means the whole world to me!

2015 wasn’t all about good experiences and happy moments, there were certainly bad ones but that doesn’t cover up for all the good times we’ve had as a family. It was a well written year by God, a story worth remembering and for that I give Him all the glory!

Cheers to a New Year!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰



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