Time Flies

Happy Times…

Time flies when you’re having fun! I hardly even noticed that Paul is already 19 months old and 5 more months to go til he turns 2 (need to prepare again for another celebration!) Before he turned 1 year old last year, I have whirlwind of emotions setting my heart on fire! I never wanted him to grow up fast and I wished that time was a complete standstill. I have only desires for him to stay an infant for a very long time and it’s funny to think that I was able to conquer all that and began to enjoy each and every day that we’re together now.

Lately, he’s been the sweetest kid I’ve known! He would suddenly hug and kiss me and Rocky, a moment that we don’t ever want to end! He would call me ‘mommy’ and when asked what’s mommy’s name, he would answer “I-wa” (Ira) and would call his Tatay “Tati” and “Yak” (Rock). There were so many instances too where he would stare at us with his love look and utter the words “lavu” which means I love you in his toddler language. I wish moments like these were easy to capture, however it’s really hard to keep him still and when our memory fails us it’s better to write it down (like what I’m doing now.)

Paul’s charm entertains people a lot wherever we go especially our family and friends. He smiles a lot, waves at people saying “HI!” and “BYE!” Rocky and I often feel embarrassed when he does that to strangers but through him we gain a lot of new acquaintainces. When people acknowledges his cuteness, he would go further by doing flying kisses, dance and pose for the cam. The charisma of this boy is one of a kind!

He is a sucker with balls, in fact half of our house is his play area filled with books and toys! At the end of the day, I always get back aches for fixing his stuff and picking it up one by one. Note: We don’t have LEGO yet, what more if we do? lol

Paul is a huge fan of some musical instruments such as the guitar, drums and piano. His fascination with it started when he was around 6 months, he sees it at church during praise and worship time and he would always go in front (on stage) together with me during practices whenever it’s my turn to lead. Hmmm I see a future musician…

Every night before I put him to bed is our quality playtime. This is were we both enjoy each other’s company most, we sing Hi-5 songs, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves Me and Read Your Bible. I also tell him my own original bedtime stories like The Tickle Finger and The Boy Named Paul. A lot of things happen right before he sleeps and this is very fulfilling to me! I am happy that my boy is learning a lot and is having a good time with me before sleeping. We also pray and do the team sign as we say: “This day belongs to Jesus!”

He talks a lot now too but there are some words we don’t understand yet. What we do is get some cues or keywords and formulate the sentences for him, like the “bowa” (ball), “fuh” (fire) and “fay” (five)–shoot the ball, hi-5 songs and the fireworks, when he smiles it means we got it right! A relief for me and my hubby for understanding what he’s trying to say. He can speak 2-3 words like “no more”, “tati no more” and “done na”. I’m proud to say he knows  how to count 1-10 by filling in the blanks and can do the singing of the alphabet too! Thank you Lord!

Sure these things make me insanely happy! Stuff that makes every parent proud. 🙂

Sometimes, I’d feel lonely just being here at home but my purpose is big and this is not something I can throw away. I would surely miss these times when Paul grows up and old enough to do things on his own. Time flies sooo fast and honestly, I am happy and fulfilled seeing him grow daily and teaching him to be the best he can be preparing him for the big world out there.

I’ll keep you posted on another blog abot my career and how being a WAHM changed my life overnight. The success, failures and struggles of a WAHM.

For now, let me conclude this blog by saying “have fun and enjoy with your kids while you can!”



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