Moving Out 


New Place. New Memories.

A week from now we will be saying goodbye to the place we called home for 2 years. The past two years in our humble abode has been filled with joy, tears, laughter and lessons we will bring forever with us.
It is in this place where we first brought #PaulParcs home, raised him, trained him and taught him how to talk, walk, play, kiss and hug.
This place made our bond as husband and wife stronger; we learned hard lessons and had good and bad experiences but together the struggles of life made us sail through it smoothly by God’s grace.

Like everything else, it’s time to move on to a better and bigger place. The only constant thing in life is change and we must embrace it with an expectant heart knowing that God is ahead of us wherever life may take us.

Moving out is not new to me. As a kid, I’ve experienced my first major move from one city to another together with my family. We moved to a total of 5 houses and from there we transferred again to another city where my husband and I now permanently reside.

Moving out teaches us to rely an unknown future to an all knowing God. By faith, my husband and I moved from one house to another trusting him in the area of our finances.

Moving out is not a bad thing, in fact it teaches us lifelong lessons we will keep on learning from. Moving out is exciting but the leaving part makes it hard. Leaving friends behind and only taking with you moments that will soon become just a part of your memory.

I will surely miss this place. I will never see it again in the future although we will only live right across it. I only have these photos to relive the memories written on the walls of this small but beautiful home that we have.

God thank you so much for blessing us with a bigger and better place. We are excited to make new memories together as a family in our new home.



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