Digital Nomad

I Rock My Job…

I am about to sleep when thoughts about work and staying up late bothered me again. I may not be able to finish this blog now, maybe later when I wake up. It’s past 3 in the morning and though I love mornings and evenings (no reason to hate both) I am also in dire need of a good, good sleep which I don’t get since 2 years ago.

NOTE: I always need to be specific about times, dates and years to remember all these things going on in my life being a preemie mom.

When I do work til early morning, I get insanely upbeat and hyperactive (must be the coffee or plain adrenalin rush). I’d listen to fast music and dance to the beat because I already feel like I’m floating.

Kids if you are reading this I do not encourage sleeping late or staying up late to get things done, It’s not healthy and not helpful at all! I feel like I am cramming for an exam the next day, but I am left with no choice. This is the best time I can work (Paul is alseep) and the deafening silence can be a bit intimidating but it is perfect for me to formulate my thoughts on each blog I am writing for work.

I learned the term “digital nomad” a week ago after I was invited by Upwork to meet with other Top Rated Upworkers in Cebu. I liked the sound of it and its meaning, it means being able to work anywhere and use technology to perform the job.

If you don’t know Upwork, it is actually the world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work. It was my pregnancy back then that pushed me to become a WAHM, it was a risk I took and never thought would work out but did.

Looking back, my humble beginnings as a freelancer was obviously nothing compared to many freelancers who were already enjoying the success they’ve tasted for many years of working homebased.

When I got my Rising Talent badge 1 year and 6 months later, work opportunities slowly started pouring in but becoming a Top Rated freelancer changed my life completely from one job offer to another every single day. I never thought being a WAHM would lead me somewhere and meeting people who are working at home like me has inspired me to work harder and aim higher.

Their success stories are definitely one for the books, like me they all experienced struggles starting out. Now we can proudly say we have overcomed the challenges of working alone, working for employers from different countries, earning dollars, euros and pounds and making our way on top and becoming one of the best freelancers against a thousand others.

We all agreed that we are enjoying financial freedom, we can spend more time with our families, we can travel and work at the same time, we can manage our home and work at flexible times.  All this is possible if you work hard, dream big, reach for your goals, persevere, have the right mindset, be determined and stay focused. Up until now I am still amazed that I can work anytime and anywhere. When you love what you do, you will never have to work a single day in your life.

This is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life though my social life has been I have actually gained more friends and built quality relationships with people who are sincere and genuine.

Often it may get too much for me to handle but I’m proud to say I was able to manage it all by the help of God and the support of my husband and family.

I am too blessed with this job and I know I rock at it!


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