What I Learned from Being a Mum

Mummy Learnings…

I stumbled upon a parenting article that struck me to the core and I immediately had a mumma meltdown all because I have been too exhausted for the past few weeks.
I’ve been tempted to yell and roll over the floor to express my frustrations but looking at my son the thought of it made me feel so embarassed to myself.

Being a mum is overwhelming but rewarding at the same time. Time is fleeting indeed and though I am looking forward to the day that I can have uninterrupted sleep, coffee time, work and me time, I still have no plans of trading my duties being Paul’s mother.

All too soon there will be no more cartoon sounds on the background, toys rumbling and a child shouting “mommy”. He is fast growing up and will do things on his own without my help, all these stuff I will surely miss.

I may wish for my life back when it was just me and my husband but someday soon I will also wish for that time when we used to have a crying baby, diaper changing, breastfeeding moments, unbearable wake up calls, messy house and playtimes in our bedroom and on the floor.

I am making every moment count, giving more value to time and loving my family the best way I could. ME TIME? Nah! I can get plenty of those in the years to come. Right now all I want are little hugs, sweet smooches, wrestling matches and climbing sessions to save in our memory bank of love.

What I learned from being a mum:

1. Never get tired of capturing moments.
2. Spend time with your kids.

3. Play all day if you must.

4. Make memories.

5. Love more than you could.

6. Serve your family happily.

7. Don’t try to be perfect. They love you for who you are.

8. Hug and kiss a lot.

9. Cover them in prayer.

10. Put down the phone and talk.


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