Cebu Canyoneering Adventure

Thrill and Shrill…

After weeks of planning for our summer outing with church mates and a mix of people from Rocky’s workplace, we finally decided to do Canyoneering. (Note: Canyoneering is for the brave and not for the faint hearted!) Of course there were moments of deliberation and not everyone agreed at first but majority wins.

May 8 – Many are Called but Few are Chosen

Our meet up time and place was 7am at Mcdonalds’s The Walk (IT Park), we waited for everyone to arrive and left the place to travel at around 8:20 am. Inside the van we got to meet new faces and shared how we feel about doing the “canyo”. Some were freaking nervous and others were thrilled to do this risky adventure.

It takes about 4 hours of travel going to Badian (South of Cebu) and the travel time gave some people in our group a chance to take a nap for being awake almost 24 hours already! They worked the night before and hopped on to the trip they wouldn’t want to miss.

Praying for safety and God’s protection to be upon us.

When we arrived in the place, our tour guide approached us and told us to pay first and change to our Canyo attire. We scrambled to our feet and hurriedly changed inside the van with the ladies first and the gentlemen next. Never forget to put on your sunblock too, although the water is really cold, the sun creeps in a little bit here and there whenever it has the chance to.

Canyoneering in Cebu started a long time ago but was popularized in a travel show Biyahe ni Drew when this beautiful place was featured sometime in 2014. It was worth taking the risk although we were all starting to get nervous. We were told by our guide to calm down, relax and enjoy the adventure. After all we are there already and there’s no reason for us to back out! Nothing at all. We rode a habal-habal going to the orientation site which took us about 8-10 minutes. From there my adventure already begun as I am not really a big fan of motorbikes.

Here we are wearing the proper Canyoneering gear (helmet, vest, rash guard, aqua shoes and COURAGE!) Now we’re ready!
It was clearly not as easy as I expected it to be! We have to jump this 20 feet cliff to start our swimming, trekking and to jump all the other cliffs.
This is it! We had the time of our lives jumping one cliff to another and walking on the amazingly formed stones to get to our next destination.
We are 15 in all and having an awesome time throwing our fears aside and ourselves too.
I swear it’s not easy but you gotta try it! You’ll love the water and the experience is unforgettable. Our guide would always tell us not to jump if we are anxious whenever we want to try jumping higher cliffs.
I am proud to say that my husband and I conquered the 50 feet cliff (the highest cliff jump). Only 4 of us in the group did it although I was shaky and nervous. I just can’t let this moment pass me by!
Everything around us was breathtaking, I was wondering the whole time we were walking how God can create such.
Surviving one jump to another. The technique really is to put your feet firmly on the base, aim where to land, close your eyes and jump for your life! Make sure that your entire body is straight when you land into the water. So easy to say but it’s really hard to do! When you miss a good landing your whole body will hurt like hell! All of my jumps and landings were wrong and I’ve been making big water splashes that the moment I come out of the water, I feel tired. lol!
The hiking part lasts about 5-6 hours. Something I wasn’t prepared for and something I didn’t expected! It is important that you do some stretching, warm ups or even running days before doing this activity. Nevertheless, the view was our form of diversion from our aching bodies.
Never miss a single shot! The stone formation is AWESOME!
This is the spot where people in groups form a big circle and just enjoy the water.
If Dory told Nemo to “just keep swimming”, our motto here is to “just keep walking.” I never thought we’d ever be going home. It feels like forever!
Here’s us from the other side! 🙂
Sealing this adventure with a kiss. I had so much fun but I can’t say I want to go back, maybe we will try it again after how many years. lol

Before heading to the falls, you will pass by a spot where people are selling barbecues. Take a break, eat and drink, believe me you will need extra energy for the trekking.

I can’t find our shots from the Kawasan waterfalls but it was definitely one of the best falls I’ve seen in my entire life. The water was ice cold you could actually drink from it! Once you get there, it marks the end of the Canyoneering adventure. Meals are included in our adventure package and we all devoured on our food like beasts!

We ended almost 6pm, walked back to our van for about 15 minutes and headed home at 7pm. One of the most memorable extreme adventures I’ve done so far and hoping to do more with my husband and friends. Most of all thank You God for keeping us safe. 🙂





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