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R A I N – K I S S E D

P L U V I O P H I L E – (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days…

I don’t admit being a pluviophile but today after a million light years away I found myself playing in the rain with my toddler.

We were watching a TV program when rain began to pour down, my son climbed up a chair, looked out of the window and watched the rain shower on the ground. To his delight he shouted “RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!” and looked at his father signaling him to go out with him and play in the rain. Both of them are pluviophiles and would always go out to play every time it rains and I don’t mind that my son is wet as long as he is enjoying his time, it makes me happy too.

My son stepped down from the chair and danced while saying “rain” and we laughed at him for being a comedian! My husband and I just stared at each other and debated who among us two will accompany our son outside of the house.

We both ended up letting him go out and play in the rain alone while watching on the side. Good thing my nanny’s 2 sons arrived, drenched in the rain wearing their school uniforms and played with Paul. Eventually, I gave in to my toddlers request when he said “mommy join”. I had so much fun soaking myself in the rain and splashing water on my feet. It feels good to be a kid again.




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