Changes in Life

These past few months have been filled with changes, life changes. 

We moved house from Cebu City to Lapu-lapu City. My parents moved to Ilo-ilo City. Rocky resigned from his job of 9 years and pursued a work at home job just like me. Our little Paul have grown up fast and big from a calm little boy now to an active one! The list goes on…

I laughed and cried in between these changes but at the end of it all I know that changes in life are bound to happen. Too often these changes push us out of our comfort zone and it hurts, it can be painful, it’s not nice, it can be uncomfortable, agree? That’s the purpose of going out of your comfort zone, it’s meant to change things for the better, for your own good but what happens is we don’t like to go through the setbacks, we don’t want failures, we just want to get to our goal right away. Unfortunately, life is not like that. Life is now always easy. We don’t always get to the top just like that. There are no shortcuts.

Life is a series of unknown challenges and it’s funny how life can be such a big clown sometimes like the time when my nephew ran away with his girlfriend and my mom got admitted to the hospital. The moment you thought life is on your side, you take advantage of it and then BOOM! There are new set of surprises coming your way and it never ends, it doesn’t stop.  If only living life is easy but if it was easy, would I still call on to God? Would I still need his strength in me? Would I still hold on to his promises? It would have been easy but not fulfilling. I’m grateful for the challenges I face in my life everyday, it makes me draw strength from the ultimate source. I am nothing without God.

Through it all, I am just grateful that I have a wonderful and loving family and my God is bigger than all these challenges. Where would I be without you Lord? You are always good. 🙂

The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

Psalm 145: 18


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