People call me Kikz. Proud mommah to my famous son #PaulParcs. Submissive wife to my hubby @RockyParcs. I am a frappucino addict. Booklover by heart. Frustrated blogger, theatre actress and cook. Travel Junky. Adventure seeker. I have a beautiful set of teeth. Late sleeper and early riser. Dreamer. I hate being caught in a large crowd but I love people. I don’t talk a lot when I just met a person but old friends find me loud and funny. I love basking in the sun. Nature is my bestfriend. I can read a person’s thought through his/her action. I revel in long distance travels. Life without sweets is boring. Singing bee. I have a restless mind. Loving daughter. Good sister. Loyal friend, worst enemy. Excellent impromptu speaker. Bursting with no non sense ideas. Go getter. Jolly bunny. Trueblue. Disciple of God.


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