Happy 3 #PaulParcs

Three-mendous! Three-fic!

Filling his love tank on his birthday by celebrating it with people close to his heart. Happy 3 #PaulParcs!❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Lord for your life! We love you babe!🎉🎂🤗



Season of Giving

Christmas Time…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Two more days till Christmas and I can feel the holiday cheer everywhere! People are busy (holiday rush) with parties, buying gifts, meeting up friends and so on. This is definitely my favorite season, I get to be with the entire family, I love buying presents, I don’t get tired looking at Christmas trees, lights and decors and not to mention the food! The endless partying made me gain a few extra pounds and speaking of fats, I need to lose them by 2017 (let me add that to my personal goals next year).

It’s the season of giving, we’ve been blessed by God tremendously and as our way of giving back, we had a little contest on Facebook.  Last December 11, my husband and I created a video announcing that we will be giving away one Starbucks Planner 2017. To win the planner all you need to do is to answer this question:

What is your greatest challenge this year and how did you turn that challenge into an opportunity for growth?

It was fun reading entries from people who joined. Deadline of entry submission is December 23, 2016. The winner will be announced on December 25, 2016.

Another activity we had this year was the shoebox project year 2 last December 18. This is an outreach program originally started by the Briges Foundation, founded by our Pastor Ian C. and his fiancee Nary. Last year, 100 kids were given gifts by sponsors and this year the numbers doubled. All thanks to the kind hearted, generous people who gave gifts to almost 200 kids this year.

A big surprise came the next day when I opened my Facebook account and saw a post of me and my husband on the Freeman Cebu newspaper front page cover. All I can say is, WOW Lord! It was only a matter of hours when I asked my husband about generosity and God answered my small humble request. God of Surprises indeed!

I hope you guys enjoy your Christmas and New Year with your family!






Happy 2nd Birthday Paul!

Terrific Two!

I can’t believe you’re already 2! It took me months to gather the courage in writing this letter about how it feels like to be your mom and you being my son. I’m torn between wanting you to grow up or not. You’ve grown so much in the past few months and though I would love for you to stay as my baby forever, there’s no way I can do that–you have to grow up! Paul, know that you are loved and cherished… Tatty and mommy loves you so much that we are willing to give you the world but can’t. However, we are putting our trust in the Lord knowing He can give you all the desires of your heart and more and yes he can possibly give you the world because you are Christ’s inheritor, an heir to God’s kingdom!

It’s hard for me to believe that in a few more years you’ll be going to school and we would be apart for longer periods of time. Since you were born, we’ve been inseparable and I haven’t tried being away from you overnight (yet). I know that someday I will have to let go of you not only coz you’re growing up but to train you to rise up as a godly man this generation so badly needs. Right now I just want to spend more time with you and be with you for as long as I can.

Tatty and mommy loves taking care of you and no matter how exhausting it may get we will still choose to get tired than have somebody else do it for you and miss out on a lot of things while you’re growing up.

I could write all day long to let you know how much I love you but I hope that my hugs and kisses are enough to let you feel that I really do and that I am willing to lay down my life for you.

It’s cute when you follow every word we say, like when your tatty calls me babe and you’d call me babe too. I’m amazed how fast you can recall places and repeat words the first time you hear them. Like mommy, you are family oriented and it melts my heart when I hear you looking for your grandparents, cousins and other family members. I am pretty sure you’ll grow up to be a loving man someday and you’re future wife and kids will be so lucky to have you.

I don’t mind watching minions movie again and again coz I know they’re your favorite cartoon characters. I would even memorize the script by heart (only if I could) but can only remember a few lines to make you smile everytime we watch it. I would never get tired letting you ride on the train, small cars and visit Timezone whenever we go to the mall. It makes me feel like a young kid again, you make us so alive!

You remind me and your tatty to sit down, relax and enjoy life with you. I could tell you want to spend time with us and play always whenever mommy is doing something and you’d say “sit” so we can watch a movie together. You’re definitely a keeper my son! I am proud of what you are becoming… so sweet and gentle. I still want to do things for you but now you insist on doing it on your own, where’s my little baby who used to wait and cry whenever he needs something? How time flies…

Your grace before meals sounds too cute it makes me whisper a secret prayer of gratefulness to God for giving you to us! You are really an angel from above, a great blessing from heaven. Know that you are a joy to us and to so many people. You are our little comedian and you always make mommy smile. I love watching you dance together with your tatty and I hope you will never change! Please don’t forget our family hugs and family kisses, they’re so special to me and I pray it would be special to you too.

Don’t mind mommy whenever I cry, I get tired sometimes and have to let it out in order to feel better. You may throw tantrums and get moody but it doesn’t make us love you less, in fact we are taught to love you more. To assure you that our love for you is unconditional.

I love being your mom and your tatty loves being your dad. In short, we love being your parents! I am so proud to have you Paul. You always make us smile and even go crazy if it needs to but you keep us grounded and sane at the same time. I don’t know if we’re doing it right as your parents but since day 1 everything came naturally as it should and now that you’re all grown up I can sense that your tatty and I did a great job raising you up by the grace of God.

Happy 2nd Birthday Paul! I love you so much!

Playtime all the time!
Playtime all the time!
Playtime all the time!
Playtime all the time!
Discovering and learning



The Tale of the Small Tree

Christmas Tree

A month ago, this cutie helped mommy set up our little Christmas tree which took us FOREVER to finish it! And since he is taller than the tree, he managed to knock it down (many times) with all his might making me do the decorating over and over again. whew! I don’t mind though as I enjoy watching him laugh and play.

Have fun this Christmas guys! 

Mommy’s little helper

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Season to Celebrate

The ‘BER’ months are coming and it’s giving me the chills ‘brrr’.. I am excited for the fact that there will be lots of partying and celebration of birthdays and the holidays. It’s only in the Philippines wherein the Christmas season starts during September and ends all the way to January. The Spirit of Christmas is always in our hearts! We also have Oktoberfest and an array of festivals to choose from. I could only guess that in the coming weeks, our schedule will be full and I need to get myself to trim a bit for the ‘highlights’ which is FOOD! I’m pretty sure you too will have your own share of fun as we celebrate life and love!

For this season be sure to stay healthy even if the food temptation is high! Exercise and have enough rest and sleep to balance the late night partying. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday to combat dehydration and to maintain alertness. Take your vitamins, eat three times a day with fruits and vegetables for a healthy and balanced diet. Get connected with your family and socialize with friends to release tension from work and be free from stress. Laugh, smile more often and think always of positive thoughts. Pray and have your daily quiet time to give thanks to the One who is faithful enough to let you enjoy this life! As the song goes: “CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES C’MON!’




One could have not been more prouder than the people of London for the opening of the Olympics 2012 held in London today and while watching it on TV, I caught myself saying the words ‘woah’, ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’! Everything was perfectly orchestrated down to the minute of the minute details. It was simply a jubilant celebration for all the great men and women representing their countries and the people seated there awaits for the their respective flags to be raised and country to be called. I am not in the position to describe everything that took place so please do watch it on and I can just picture myself out being there wide smiled, teary eyed and feeling my heartbeat with excitement for what is yet to come. Soon after, the cameras focused on a group of Englishmen dressed in a black suit with black hats saluting in  honor of their great country, London. They were in a festive mood to almost crying; and one could not blame them for not being able to hold back how they feel at that particular moment.

I wonder if it looks the same when the doors of heaven opens for God’s chosen people to rise and dwell together with him. I could feel the moment, the sounds of trumpets calling us, the heavenly hosts welcoming us with singing and dancing, oh God would there be fireworks too? or even more? What would heaven be like when we get there? I might be saying more than just my usual ‘wow’s’, it would definitely be a time of glorious celebration! haha

Deep down in my heart, I know and I am pretty sure that the reason why I still have longings is because I am not home yet til I really get home to heaven. That’s the only place to be and the place I desire to be in! When times get rough I am reminded by the word of God in Psalm 84:10 saying: “BETTER IS ONE DAY IN YOUR COURTS THAN A THOUSAND ELSEWHERE!” Where would we choose us to be other than the comforts we have in this world? As surely, we want it to be in HEAVEN! If we can host a big celebration in this world, in God’s kingdom it would be so much more! It will stomp on our expectations down.

If London was a proud and happy place today, I would regard heaven to be an even happier place as I claim my citizenship there! So save your excitement and prepare yourselves for the grandest celebration coming really soon…

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Philippians 3:20



#PaulParcs Pool Party Bash

DIY Party…

It’s way past my bedtime and here I am so consumed with a lot of things running in my mind. So instead of thinking, tossing and turning I’d rather make good use of my time and start blogging about #PaulParcs pool party bash. This is long overdue!

Planning #PaulParcs party was really fun for me and Rocky but sometimes we can’t help but get emotional at how fast he is growing up. The journey is worth repeating and we’re willing to go over it again if given the chance to.

I just want to share the most memorable moment in our life as a family, our 2nd big event with #PaulParcs (first one was his dedication) and now his 1st birthday celebration. I hope these practical tips will also help you when planning out for a big party.


At first, we can’t really decide on the theme for his party because we wanted it to come from Paul. We would like the theme to be Paul’s choice but he was really just a baby back then who was only fascinated with sounds and colors and it doesn’t make sense having him surrounded with characters he is not truly interested in. Disney Tsum Tsum, Cars and Hi5 appealed to him but we’re not sure it was what he really wanted at this point?

As June 21st got nearer, Rocky and I decided on a pool party so that all the invited kids will have fun splashing in the pool! Good thing we did that because not only did the kids enjoyed, surprisingly the adults too! We’re so happy with the outcome!


Next on the list was to look for a venue, it was Rocky’s officemate who recommended The Henry Hotel and right after we visited the place, we were entirely sold out to the idea of having Paul’s party in that place. We envisioned everything like it was already his birthday.

I also want to share with you our supernatural experience of God’s miracle on the day of Paul’s birthday celebration. June is a rainy month and we’ve been checking the weather forecast every single day to check if it’ll rain on the 21st. Mind you, I do love the rain! But to rain on my son’s party doesn’t quite fit in to our idea of an outdoor celebration. Yes, we prayed and prayed for a month that it won’t rain and the next thing that happened will blow your mind away.

Let me go over this with you on a blow by blow account. Sunday came it was June 21st, the sun shone its brightest and made us feel its heat. We were rejoicing and getting so excited to party until… afternoon came and the rain started pouring down. My heart broke but Rocky and I were positive and declared that the rain would stop and the skies will clear out!

We arrived at the venue at 2 pm to set up but the poolside area was deserted and the staff told us that they’ve already set up at the 2nd floor (indoor) area because the rain didn’t stopped. We never had second thoughts and still asked them to do the set up at the poolside area because the rain will stop. You should’ve seen the look on their faces, filled with doubts and almost laughing due to our craziness. We believed that our God is great and while the rain poured down, we were just doing our thing setting up everything while interceding loudly to the point that the staff wondered what we were doing.

We didn’t mind them at all, I even told them to help us pray. Few minutes later, the dark skies began to clear and the rain stopped. Woah! What an amazing God we have! It only took an unwavering faith to stop the unpredictable rain and right after that I can’t stop gushing at how perfect that day God made for us to celebrate Paul’s birthday. He is soooo good! The best part is, three days after Paul’s birthday, it still didn’t rained. The Lord stretched our faith and it was one experience of his supernatural power that we will never, ever forget.


We’ve selected few close friends from church, my officemates before, Rocky’s officemates and of course our family. The total number of guests were 50 persons plus 17 kids. The number of people invited may be small but it looked like they already filled the entire pool area of the venue because it was really just a small place and it ‘unexpectedly’ became an exclusive party for us. The best thing about the party is having only people who were closest to us, there never was a dull and awkward moment because almost eveyone knew each other.


I love this part! It was like unleashing the creativity of the people we asked to make the DIY stuff for Paul’s party. Having a DIY party wasn’t part of the plan but along the way, we realized that making the  decors and props ourselves is way better than having someone else do it and then just pay. The labor of love of these people made Paul’s party extraordinarily special. We can really feel and see the love they have for Paul through their work and we are truly grateful for having friends and family like them.

SHOUTOUT to these awesome people:

A. Circles backdrop and Hot air balloon centerpiece: Kaka

B. Luggage Give Aways and Invitations: Nary

C. PaulParcs Standee: Ian

To everyone who helped set up the place, a BIG THANK YOU!

To add some twist to the pool party, we’ve invited a group of people who will perform the bubble show. It amazed everyone and we all felt like kids again! It was really a good time for all of us.

The games were pretty simple, it was for the adults only and we asked them to do an origami like contest (paper T-shirt and 3D stars). The first one to finish, wins.


And the most important part of the party… EATING TIME! One must not miss out on food or else everything else will be deemed useless. Aside from the talks and laughs, let’s admit that what makes a party even more fun is the FOOD! I have to say, their food is really good and our guests were satisfied. The dessert table was filled with goodies and sweets to die for, I can’t thank my mom, mom in law and sister enough for making our dream dessert table possible. Look at that, it is worth bragging for don’t you think?


No event is ever complete without a camera to shoot pictures on it. Good thing a good friend of ours from Rocky’s office had the entire party documented through the lens. Roche was able to capture this once in a lifetime event in Paul’s life and we are so grateful to him for doing a great job! The rest of the guests also had their smartphones and cameras to capture the event and flooded our social media by sharing, tagging and posting, thanks to all of them too for making the effort of shooting photos.


And so it has ended, I hate to close this chapter of our lives but our first year of having Paul was life changing and a remarkable one. I will definitely hold on to the wonderful memories we’ve created as a family while Paul is still young. We’re on to the next level, the second year of his life and counting. I wonder what his next birthday party will be. Might as well start planning now. Haha!

This boy changed our world forever that we can now never imagine what it feels like not having him around.

He has become the life and soul of everything that we do and for that we thank the Lord for the life of Paul! So blessed.😊