An Open Letter To the Tired Moms Everywhere

An Open Letter To the Tired Moms Everywhere

Dear Tired Mom Like Me,

You are incredibly amazing and you’re doing a great job!

You may be sitting in front of your computer scanning through photos of friends posting about their latest vacays and parties. Ah! Sounds so good and yet there you are just like me, wishing and hoping to visit places and be alone even for just a day. Your hands may be full, it doesn’t matter whether you have clingy toddlers, shy preschoolers or rebellious teenagers. We’ve been there once but having children will make you go through it all over again. I guarantee you that crying helps sometimes, oh wait! Maybe most of the time, it is the answer to ease the tough times you are going through and have to go through every single day. It is okay to cry lady; it’s not a sign of weakness. I always thank my tears for washing out my mind clouded with doubts and negative thoughts, they stir my creative juices again making me braver to face the day ahead.

I know you’re tired; maybe you don’t even have time to finish this letter. Let me tell you that I am tired too; in fact I don’t know how to start or end this letter for you. I just wanted to say that I understand where you are coming from and that we are on the same page, (for the most part). You may be down and feeling blue, you may get to a point where you don’t know what to do; you have no one to turn to, no one to talk to or listen to you. I get it everyone’s busy living their own lives and there you are staring blankly at the wall, tired and overwhelmed.

On most days, your schedule probably look like this: prepare breakfast, wash dishes, take care of the baby, do the laundry, do groceries, clean the house, take care of the baby, work, take care of the baby, cook lunch, do errands, take care of the baby, cook dinner and the cycle continues…

What do you have there for yourself? Your coffee gets cold all the time, you never finish a movie, you missed the latest episode of The Walking Dead, wait did you just say it already ended? You look at yourself in the mirror and saw strands of your hair in all the wrong places. You held the same book for months now, your normal sleep pattern is down to 4 hours each day or worse they are usually I-N-T-E-R-R-U-P-T-E-D sleep. At the end of the day, you’re exhausted and just want to crawl up in bed and get a good massage.

Losing your patience and showing your anger doesn’t make you less of a mom. Kids will love you for being you just as you love them for being them.

Don’t worry tired mom, you’ll soon get your life back but you’ll surely miss the days when you have to deal with tantrums, pukes and scattered toys. Children grow up fast with just a blink of an eye; I know that deep inside that tired, weary soul is a tender loving mother who would willingly and undyingly do anything and everything just to keep them safe and secure. You may be the type of mom who just like me would rather miss a concert, skip social events, lack sleep and nurse an aching body at home just to be with your kids.

To me nothing is more special than watching cartoons with my son, play with toys and make learning fun for him, going to coffee shops together even if it means calling his attention from time to time, chasing him around and dragging him to our travels.

After all that’s been said and done, one thing’s for sure—we are tired but happy and fulfilled being a mother and it’s all worth it.

Thank you Lord for the strength you give the mothers everywhere. Proverbs 31.



Happy 2nd Birthday Paul!

Terrific Two!

I can’t believe you’re already 2! It took me months to gather the courage in writing this letter about how it feels like to be your mom and you being my son. I’m torn between wanting you to grow up or not. You’ve grown so much in the past few months and though I would love for you to stay as my baby forever, there’s no way I can do that–you have to grow up! Paul, know that you are loved and cherished… Tatty and mommy loves you so much that we are willing to give you the world but can’t. However, we are putting our trust in the Lord knowing He can give you all the desires of your heart and more and yes he can possibly give you the world because you are Christ’s inheritor, an heir to God’s kingdom!

It’s hard for me to believe that in a few more years you’ll be going to school and we would be apart for longer periods of time. Since you were born, we’ve been inseparable and I haven’t tried being away from you overnight (yet). I know that someday I will have to let go of you not only coz you’re growing up but to train you to rise up as a godly man this generation so badly needs. Right now I just want to spend more time with you and be with you for as long as I can.

Tatty and mommy loves taking care of you and no matter how exhausting it may get we will still choose to get tired than have somebody else do it for you and miss out on a lot of things while you’re growing up.

I could write all day long to let you know how much I love you but I hope that my hugs and kisses are enough to let you feel that I really do and that I am willing to lay down my life for you.

It’s cute when you follow every word we say, like when your tatty calls me babe and you’d call me babe too. I’m amazed how fast you can recall places and repeat words the first time you hear them. Like mommy, you are family oriented and it melts my heart when I hear you looking for your grandparents, cousins and other family members. I am pretty sure you’ll grow up to be a loving man someday and you’re future wife and kids will be so lucky to have you.

I don’t mind watching minions movie again and again coz I know they’re your favorite cartoon characters. I would even memorize the script by heart (only if I could) but can only remember a few lines to make you smile everytime we watch it. I would never get tired letting you ride on the train, small cars and visit Timezone whenever we go to the mall. It makes me feel like a young kid again, you make us so alive!

You remind me and your tatty to sit down, relax and enjoy life with you. I could tell you want to spend time with us and play always whenever mommy is doing something and you’d say “sit” so we can watch a movie together. You’re definitely a keeper my son! I am proud of what you are becoming… so sweet and gentle. I still want to do things for you but now you insist on doing it on your own, where’s my little baby who used to wait and cry whenever he needs something? How time flies…

Your grace before meals sounds too cute it makes me whisper a secret prayer of gratefulness to God for giving you to us! You are really an angel from above, a great blessing from heaven. Know that you are a joy to us and to so many people. You are our little comedian and you always make mommy smile. I love watching you dance together with your tatty and I hope you will never change! Please don’t forget our family hugs and family kisses, they’re so special to me and I pray it would be special to you too.

Don’t mind mommy whenever I cry, I get tired sometimes and have to let it out in order to feel better. You may throw tantrums and get moody but it doesn’t make us love you less, in fact we are taught to love you more. To assure you that our love for you is unconditional.

I love being your mom and your tatty loves being your dad. In short, we love being your parents! I am so proud to have you Paul. You always make us smile and even go crazy if it needs to but you keep us grounded and sane at the same time. I don’t know if we’re doing it right as your parents but since day 1 everything came naturally as it should and now that you’re all grown up I can sense that your tatty and I did a great job raising you up by the grace of God.

Happy 2nd Birthday Paul! I love you so much!

Playtime all the time!
Playtime all the time!
Playtime all the time!
Playtime all the time!
Discovering and learning



The Year That Was and The Year That Is

Happy New Year!!!

I have completely forgotten what it really feels like celebrating the New Year. My family and I went through a very tough time before we began 2015. Yes, it’s been a challenging year for me but 2014 have made me STRONGER, WISER and BETTER than ever. December 28 when I received a text message from my sister that our mom was rushed to the ER due to heart attack. My son was just recovering from fever and flu and here we are having our Christmas vacation when all of these unexpected events came up. None of it were part of the plan and I could really say my vacation was far from what I expected it to be. I thought I’d be having a good time at some resort, sipping a cool drink or wading in the water and not one ever happened.

My husband and I immediately cancelled all plans for that day and went to the hospital directly. My mom was lying in bed pale and a bit groggy but I was grateful to see her fighting back and trying her best to stay alert. She is the epitome of beauty, strength and grace under pressure.

Soon after a series of discussion between my dad and the medical team, mom was confined in the ICU for close monitoring because she almost had cardiac arrest. God is really our Savior, he spared my mom’s life and gave her another chance to live. Prayers by family and friends were heard.

Today, she is on her way to recovery and though we are miles apart I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind that my dad and mom spent the New Year in the hospital for the first time, just the two of them. I felt a little sad and I started yearning for my family to be complete again after two years of not being together.

Some things may not happen the way we want it to be yet each and every single part of it holds a reason we will soon come to appreciate.

I am thankful that God protected my mom’s life and covered the entire family with his grace.

This whole experience taught me the importance of family. We may have lots of money or be successful in life but without our family it would all mean nothing.

The season of Christmas is not all about the parties, gift givings or the busyness it brings. It’s all about our family, they are the best and the most beautiful present we will ever have!

“Lord, I pray that you fill us with love, patience and joy. Bless mommy with good health and restore every part of her body to function well. Heal and renew her that she may bless and praise your most holy name. We put our trust in you Lord. Be glorified. Amen.”



Paul’s Arrival!

Dear Paul Daniel,

Time won’t stop though I have the desire to do so…
You turned a week older yesterday and as I witness your growth from a teeny weenie baby and soon to a man, I can’t help but recall the very day I first met you in the delivery room. You were so small and fragile, I was afraid to hold you thinking you might probably slip off but with the doctors’ and nurses’ help I had my very first view of the life that was squirming inside me for the past few months. Though my strength gently wheeled me away, my heart was thaw and excitement stirred up within me. I cannot help but love someone as sweet, angelic and meek as you.

Now milk has started to fill you up, your littlest face to a chubby little one. And as I gaze upon you, your resemblance with your tatay is so obvious! In front of me was a little Rocky. Strange as it seems, I can now officially call myself a mom to you… With gentle, loving care you have been a happy baby since day one, you only cry to be fed, smile when we play and never did you gave us sleepless nights.

I may hope many things for you, desire endless gifts and shower you with much love and affection but without God first in your life, everything is still meaningless.

I pray that you grow to be a man God has destined you to be… Your tatay and I wants only the best for you… We love you so much!


Tatay and Mommy

Lord, what have we done to deserve such blessing?! :)
Lord, what have we done to deserve such blessing?! 🙂