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God’s Best…

Ladies stop looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect! Believe you will receive God’s best, he may not be your ideal guy, not the one you see on the magazine, not a Justin Bieber look a like, not the crush ng bayan and definitely not prince charming! Don’t run after the one who has a nice car, rich, good looking, athletic or musician. Pray for someone who loves God more than anything and anyone else and that means more than you! Pray for someone who will bring you closer to God and while waiting, make yourself a beautiful woman serving the Lord and all else will follow. STOP WISHING AND START PRAYING and God will give you someone better than any of your hopes and wishes! Thank God I found mine.



On Being Pregnant

7 weeks pregnant today and counting… The joy we have was overwhelming when Rocky and I first learned of our pregnancy last November 2, 2013. I have my regular menstrual period every month with 28 days cycle each and being delayed for 10 days means that I am indeed PREGNANT! For two years that we’ve been married, we pledged to God that on our first year together we will give our time to him and dedicate ourselves towards the campus ministry and to enjoy our relationship just like a boyfriend and girlfriend does. It was an amazing time getting to know my husband better, just the two of us and to devote our time, talent and treasure solely for the Lord. This year, we started praying that God will grant our desire for a family and crossing our fingers for TWINS! 10 months later, God has heard our prayers and to realize that a lot of people are praying with us is already a blessing in itself.

Hubby and I were quite nervous when I did the pregnancy test, although we’ve been suspecting it for a while now we just wanted to make sure and to see it with our own eyes the + sign across the PT. To our delight the test kit was screaming POSITIVE all over and we thank the Lord for opening my womb! Our families were overjoyed with the news and I can imagine the heavens rejoicing with us for such blessing.

Our first OB check-up went well, except that I have to be treated for Urinary Tract Infection. The medicine isn’t too friendly and I’m now experiencing episodes of nausea and vomiting. I am always hungry and my tummy is crying out for FOOD! I didn’t expect it would be like this, but my mom’s advice was to prepare lots of food at home and bring something to munch on wherever I go and even stock food under my pillow so that if I ever go hungry during sleep I can just grab some to calm my hungry tummy, haha Well her advice works magic on me! They say the first 3 months won’t be too pleasant but even if it isn’t, I pray that God will grant me strength and peace to endure this experience.

I am blessed to have a supportive husband who understands my needs! I am excited for us to become parents to this wonderful child. We may not know the gender yet, but we already have a list of names lined up and praying for it one by one declaring the power of Jesus over that name!

Maternity at it’s best for the glory of God! :)


A Work In Progress

For so many times in the past few months I’ve been yearning to get myself out of my job. My job has made me cry, laugh, cringe, doubt and many other emotions involved. I had no idea what I have gotten myself into, but one thing I’m sure of, I want to RESIGN. I have been working for 8 months now and the reality has never dawned on me until I got into my 5th month and I felt that I was all alone… One big account to another, client complaints here and there, staff concerns, incident reports, census reports and late night calls or even in the wee hours– all these have lined up in my ‘things to do’ that often I don’t have time to organize it. Everything was a mess, and I asked God; ‘Lord am I in the right place? Am I with the right people? Is this really the job you want me to have?’ I was filled with hatred and for me everything doesn’t make sense anymore. I was confused. I have the option of just leaving everything behind, turn my back on this job and apply somewhere else, where things would be less complicated and happier. As part of my daily devotional I read a portion of Elizabeth Elliot’s book, Let Me Be A Woman where she quoted Jim Elliot:

“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

I felt so crushed inside, but this line gave me hope that I was in fact in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. It was not for me to try and figure out everything, but to simply trust God that He knows what He is doing for me in my life. Sometimes, we’d want what’s easier for us to do than challenge ourselves with what’s hard. Who would’ve thought I’d survive 9o days without any firsthand experience of being a clinic / mobile head? Only God can do that in my life! My eyes was opened once again to the truth that God would always want what is best for us; BEST may not always mean easy, gliding and just chilling mode but BEST also means that despite the hard road you take, you will come out a BETTER, DISCIPLINED, WISER and REFINED person for God’s glory!

To end, I also want to share this verse from the Bible that has inspired me to go on…

Zechariah 8:9 & 12–

8 Be strong and finish the task! 12 For I am planting seeds of peace and prosperity among you. The grapevines will be heavy with fruit. The earth will produce its crops, and the heavens will release the dew. Once more I will cause the remnant in Judah and Israel to inherit these blessings.

Thank you God that I am a work in progress! :)

Here I am Lord use me for your glory!
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Devotional 03.13.14

It’s been 2 weeks since I resigned from my job as clinic head and 2 weeks of just staying at home or going at my sister’s place to borrow her internet connection. In short, I am jobless, unemployed, vacant, unproductive and financially challenged. I had to make my decision of resigning final since everyone thought I was not gonna give up my position anytime soon. But I’ve had enough and the only thing that I’m holding on to right now are the promises of God. I know he will never fail me in my journey being pregnant and looking for online jobs at home. I had several interviews already from some employers and still crossing my fingers for a feedback. Also, I have a dozen of pending applications as virtual assistant, customer representative and other related admin work. The good thing is, the strong willed in me won’t ever give up until I can finally get a job which will also help sustain me and Rocky for the coming months til Paul arrives. Right now, I am just enjoying the comforts of our home and being able to sleep at anytime is what my body needs. A lot of things to consider, a lot of things to go over but my God will surely be faithful to keep his promises true. This season also brought me closer to the Lord, I have more quiet times and revelations fall afresh every single day. Though money can help us get through our everyday life, it’s not always the answer—GOD IS. Just by the time I’m about to lose sight of what’s ahead, an employer sent me an email asking if I still need a job. God really hears my prayers!

Today, I resolve to rest in God’s everlasting arms for he is my shield, my fortress and my strong tower. I will not worry or be anxious of anything but with everything I will present every request to him!

Psalm 28:7 “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.”