You are Worth It!

14 years ago I was a teeny bopper who signed on my TRUE LOVE WAITS commitment card to be sexually abstinent until I get married. I even wrote a love letter for my future mate, intended only for him to read after we got married and a love letter for our future baby too!

By God’s grace I kept my word and the love letter was for Rocky’s eyes only on our first night together as married couple. He was deeply moved and we’re both teary eyed as we read it.

If you ask me how the road to purity was when I was still single? It was not smooth sailing and…

Was it easy? NO.
Was it worth it? YES!

Understanding the word purity never dawned on me until I grew older. I have always equated purity with virginity but the difference between the two is quite big. One can be a virgin and stay committed to being sexually abstinent but purity in itself is something we need to fight for everyday, be it in the words that we speak, our actions or even in our thoughts.

Purity is not a thing of the past, it is here in the now where struggles and temptations are real but we have a choice and we must choose to protect it no matter what it takes. It is a gift from God. To pursue purity means we need to trust God and admit that we are in need of a loving Savior. Purity is all about what Jesus has already done at the cross.

Have a surrendered heart to God, renewed mind and begin to reflect on the purity of the Father.

Trust THE ONE to give you the one! Your worth is in Jesus Christ!❤️❤️❤️16830791_10210020348319446_2176892143491298269_n


If I Marry…

My Prayer…

When I was in highschool, I remembered reading a book entitled Footprints of a Pilgrim by Ruth Bell Graham. A particular quote caught my attention, from that time on I always included it in my prayers and God answered my plea and gave me Rocky.

“If I marry: He must be so tall that when he is on his knees, as one has said he reaches all the way to heaven. His shoulders must be broad enough to bear the burden of a family. His lips must be strong enough to smile, firm enough to say no, and tender enough to kiss. Love must be so deep that it takes its stand in Christ and so wide that it takes the whole lost world in. He must be active enough to save souls. He must be big enough to be gentle and great enough to be thoughtful. His arms must be strong enough to carry a little child.” ~Ruth Bell 📝

Ladies, your future mate should look like and be like this!



The One

God’s Best…

Ladies stop looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect! Believe you will receive God’s best, he may not be your ideal guy, not the one you see on the magazine, not a Justin Bieber look a like, not the crush ng bayan and definitely not prince charming! Don’t run after the one who has a nice car, rich, good looking, athletic or musician. Pray for someone who loves God more than anything and anyone else and that means more than you! Pray for someone who will bring you closer to God and while waiting, make yourself a beautiful woman serving the Lord and all else will follow. STOP WISHING AND START PRAYING and God will give you someone better than any of your hopes and wishes! Thank God I found mine.



Being A Work At Home Mom


Today is exceptionally beautiful, I am playing my Christmas playlist and I can’t wait til it’s Christmas. It will be our first time celebrating as a family. Yesterday was a holiday and we just stayed at sisi’s place while I worked. Paul had a lot of nannies watching over him, which is a good thing coz I was able to rest my arms from carrying him. He’s becoming more aggressive during playtime, he grabs, hold and put his toys toward his mouth and makes loud gurgling sound. He’s so pleased! The boy can hold his back and neck steadily too! In 2-3 more months he’d prolly be rolling over, crawling and can stand with support. I love that Rocky, me and Paul are a family now; it feels good to be with them all the time. Thank you God! Amazing!

Whenever I remember how my life used to be minus the pee, poo and puke it makes me want to go back and just enjoy my life. Each time I see photos of friends who are successfully working abroad it made me stop to think, whatever happened to me? I can be working abroad too buying stuff I want, do some traveling and give my family whatever they want. I have become so insecure to the point of questioning God if I will ever be able to achieve what I really want for my own life. Recently, I noticed that Paul is growing up so fast that I could not also imagine not being able to witness that in the next months or even years to come. I forgot what it really means to love one ’s self and have begun to look after Paul’s welfare, putting his needs on top of mine. Guess motherhood really changes everything. I have learned to appreciate breastfeeding and being here with him 24/7 despite working at home too. Most of my friends who are also moms tell me they could not do both at the same time and I just really want to thank God for the strength and for giving me the ability to be a WAHM (work at home mom). It is a privilege to see my son grow, to be a helper to my husband and to test the limits of what my body can do all by the grace of God.

I listed down some things which I know have been a huge help to us when I decided to become a WAHM:

1. Breastfeeding has helped me and my husband save 4K-5K pesos per month just to feed our son. I do believe God created such to provide for our bubba and has designed the breasts to produce milk. This is the reason why I am so much grateful to God for answering our prayers of overflowing milk before Paul came. I have other mom friends who have given up on the thought of breastfeeding their babies because they believed no milk is coming out from their breasts or the baby doesn’t know how to suck. How it breaks my heart that they’ve given up so easily for their baby’s sake. L It takes a lot of guts and will power if you really want only the best for your LO (little one). Someday, I will look back through all these times when I had the opportunity of feeding my child directly. Though Paul might not remember it at all, wonderful memories will remain in my heart and the bonding will forever be there. I pray that moms out there will also see how beneficial breastfeeding is to them, their babies and to their husbands.

I am a proud breastfeeding mom!
I am a proud breastfeeding mom!

2. I’d rather look after Paul than have someone else take care of him. I know I could just hire a nanny or ask my mom or my mom in law to watch over my son while I’m in some office working. Sorry, I’m not sorry to say I am at ease taking care of him and watching him grow whilst working. It is a joy for me to be independent with my own son and husband at home. If I want some help, I’d hire a stay out helper to clean the house and do the laundry or cook when I’m working but leave the baby caring to me. It pays to be a hands on mom, and again, another 2K-3K saved per month.

With mommy around, PaulParcs is happy and uber healthy!
With mommy around, PaulParcs is happy and uber healthy!

3. Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” Genesis 2:18

I strongly believe God created women to help empower their husbands. Yes, husbands are the provider but the Bible clearly states that we must be a helper to him. Help in such ways to lessen the burden by being thrifty and wise. If we can do it at home without the need of a house help then do so to at least help in the budget; don’t buy unnecessary stuff and stop complaining or nagging. Ask God for wisdom how you can be a suitable help to your husband and make your house a joyful home.

Our happy little family.
Our happy little family.

Pretty Mom@28

28 Beautiful Years…

I am a year older today! Woohoo! I had a blast on my birthday. I got everything I prayed for and even more. My birthday wish list was all given to me by my hubby! Haha I ate lots of cake, got to spend time with the whole family, bought new wallet, hair iron and blouse. I have new sandals, printed photos of Paul and went out window shopping. I didn’t know simple things can make me happy until this year. I could honestly say this is the first time I felt so contented and happy on my birthday! Facebook greetings by friends flooded my wall (some with pictures), I am so blessed that a lot of people love and admire me and our little family. How can one not love life when God has given you much too much to be grateful for? Everything is just awesome, thank you Lord! I will start this year right by having a heart filled with gratitude and praises to our God! Happy birthday to me and daddy!

breastfeeding, anywhere strike!
breastfeeding, anywhere strike!
Midnight surprise for hubby during his birthday. :)
Midnight surprise for hubby during his birthday. 🙂
Kenshin movie date after 3 month hiatus… lol
Kenshin movie date after 3 month hiatus… lol

“To everyone who greeted me on my birthday, a big THANK YOU! I got what I prayed for and even more. This is the best birthday I’ve ever had (so far), spending it with people who really matters to me. To Rocky, you are an epitome of a man after God’s own heart. Happy 3 blissful years of an imperfect, undeserved yet blessed marriage to us. Where would we be without God’s grace and love in our lives?! Thank you God for keeping us intertwined forever! Life is so much better with you and #‎PaulParcs around. You both are the best gifts I’ve received. God be glorified forever!”


Lessons Learned From Motherhood

On Motherhood

From the moment I laid my eyes on Paul, I knew that my life was going to transform big time. It’s true when they say once you have a baby your life will change overnight. Paul’s arrival made a huge difference at home; the silence was gone and was replaced by baby cooing and crying. Our once tidy and neat place has become messy; his things have completely taken over coz we hardly have time to clean up! I have these mixed emotions from being excited to feeling lonely and depressed. As a nurse, I have a full understanding of what we call ‘post partum blues’ or baby blues’ which is normal for women who has just given birth. The causes of baby blues range from hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep, recovery from birth, lack of knowledge in taking care of the baby, feeling of inadequacy and more… My first day at home with Paul made me cry mainly because the reality of being a mother began to sink in and the responsibility expected was way too big to handle for me. I WAS OVERWHELMED! It was followed by several more crying and this time I felt stuck up with nowhere to go to, making my every move limited. When Paul cries, I cry too because I felt that I have nowhere else to run expect here at home! I was used to doing whatever I want to do or going out anytime when I feel like it. This time, my life wasn’t any of that because someone else is now dependent on me to feed for milk. Good thing my baby blues lasted only for 2 weeks all because I have a great support system coming from my husband, family and friends.

I know babies are a blessing from the Lord! Yes they are but… BUT!  A baby’s demand can put a lot of pressure on you too, it can be exhaustive! We get up in the middle of the night just to feed him or to make sure he’s comfortable when fussy and change his soiled diaper. We lack sleep and feel tired in the morning yet it’s not an excuse for us not to look after him. No parent is perfect; it is a work in progress. Thankfully, my husband and I make a very good team, sometimes he doesn’t wake me up when Paul cries to make sure I get enough rest. He makes my life easier and ensures that I’m comfortable when feeding Paul. He is my cheerleader when I’m stressed out and drained. He is there to remind me of our purpose as Paul’s parents and I’m taken back to the time when we prayed for him. God really loves me he gave me two of the most beautiful blessings one can have, a loving husband and an adorable son. Despite all the sleepless nights, nothing can beat the joy our tiny tot has given us! SO REWARDING!

First motherhood lesson learned: SELFLESSNESS

Having Paul meant less of me and more of his needs; instead of putting myself first I have to think highly of my sons need before my own. But this does not ultimately mean that he should be my world! God reminded me that even though I now have a son to take care, I also have a role to play towards my husband as his wife, a daughter and a sister to my family, a job to take on, ministry to handle and a whole lot more!

Parenthood taught me and my husband a lot of things already in just a span of three weeks, the learning doesn’t stop here; in fact it only just began! Day by day I am slowly embracing the call of God in my life as a mother. I learned too that my role as Paul’s mom is vital, we’re both together 24/7 and so I have to make sure I teach him things that is glorifying to the Lord and beneficial for him as well.

Second motherhood lesson learned: PATIENCE            

Breastfeeding every 1-2 hours can be frustrating at times. When the baby cries I have to respond immediately and drop anything and everything that I do and that includes eating or even whilst taking a bath just to feed him and not to delay gratification. This too has made me extend my patience, READ AGAIN: PATIENCE… I admit I am very impatient… Yes I AM! Now, I am learning to take things in one step at a time. When I sit for 10-30 full minutes to feed, I appreciated our mom and baby bonding moments. I look at my baby closely and can’t get enough of how cute and handsome he is. It will only be just a few more months till I wean him from breastfeeding and surely it will become a thing that I will miss!

Third motherhood lesson learned: MULTITASKING

Before Paul came, I can brag being a ‘multitasker’—I do 2-3 things at once and I love it when I have a lot of things to do, but this time multitasking has become a feat from 2-3 tasks I can now do 4-5! What an accomplishment! Hahaha Here’s what I usually do (a combination of any of the tasks below):




Write Blog


Clean the house

Sing for Paul

Make him sleep

Wash the dishes

Do Laundry

Social media

Read a book

Watch TV

Take pictures

As mentioned, I do those things in combination and my multitasking skills gets better and better every day! I can stretch my arms and legs as far as you can imagine just picking up things. I eat using one hand only and the other hand carrying a baby, or even holding the phone on my neck! It’s all possible when you have a kid!

Forth motherhood lesson learned: BALANCE

Once you and your baby have established a routine, it’s time to take a deep breath and be grateful you now have a firsthand idea what to do next. Our first two weeks together I was like “what in the world am I doing?” Now that I know his feed timing, it becomes easier to anticipate what will happen next. So before he cries aloud because he’s hungry, I am already offering him my breast to avoid him from becoming irritable! My BABYNURSING phone app allows me to monitor the rhythm of his feedings, how long he feeds and how frequently he feeds. In this way I can predict his next feeding schedule and make room for other important stuff and find balance even with all the adjustments I have to make.

Here’s my daily schedule:


8am-8:30am-Pump for breastmilk

8:30am-9:20am-breakfast and after care

9:20am-9:30am-prepare Paul’s things for bath

9:30am-10:00am-Paul’s bath time and change

10am-11am-FEED. PLAY. SLEEP (this comes in every 1-2 hours depending on his need)

11am-11:30am-Mommy’s bath time

11:30am-5pm Quiet time, go online and do some other things like watch TV, sleep, read a book, pump milk, etc.

5pm-Paul’s half bath

6pm-Watch news and wait for Rocky to arrive from work

7:30-8pm-Dinner and after care

8pm-10pm-Watch Teleserye

10pm-11pm-FEED. PLAY. SLEEP

12mn-SLEEP time for hubby and me (feed time in between 3-4 hours)

5am-mother in law gets Paul from our bed for sun bathing and bottle feed him using my expressed milk

My life now is not as easy as it used to be but I found joy and fulfillment doing these things for my hubby and my son. You’d be surprised what strength you have until you explore the possibilities when you become a parent. Most of all, God has promised strength and security to those who seek it from him.


My Beautiful Family!



A Glimpse of Paul Daniel

First Glimpse…

For the first time in 8 months, Rocky and I finally had a glimpse of our son Paul Daniel. I had my Pelvic Ultrasound done last Monday (May 19, 2014); it was postponed one week ago, but I know better that God allowed this to happen to prepare us and Paul for the divine meet up!

At 12 noon we were at the Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House and the line was very long, we had to wait for 2 more hours til it was my turn.

The maternity house scene made me look at each woman with amazement! Pregnant women of different sizes and shapes were there. Some have huge bellies, others have small ones, some lost their babies and some were in labor and on the verge of giving birth! Whew!

Few days before the ultrasound I was already talking to Paul about it and asked him to cooperate with us so that daddy will see his genitals (NOTE: His dad was unable to witness the gender announcement during our 5th month ultrasound). This time around, we made sure that Rocky was inside the room while the doctor performed the procedure.

It was about time… My name was called, so I immediately got out from my chair and signaled for Rocky to come in…

Perfect timing… Had I complained of the line being too long, I wouldn’t have had my ultrasound done with the best doctor ever! It was perfect that Dr. Varona performed the ultrasound, she really took the time to let Rocky and I see Paul in every angle.

Before the procedure, I told Dr. Varona that daddy was not able to see baby’s gender, and it will help if she lets us see it one more time. She laughed, and asked “are you ready to see it?” We turned our attention to the screen and all of us including Dr. Varona were surprised that his genitals were the first one to show up! Hahaha

Dr. Varona took time to measure the sizes of Paul’s body organs and counted the fingers and toes.  (which were all complete and normal, THANK YOU LORD!)  We waited a bit until she showed us Paul’s face which was half covered with his left hand and we laughed again because it seemed to me that he was hiding his face or laughing! Either he was shy from showing us his genitals or was simply asleep and hungry because we haven’t eaten lunch yet at 3pm and had to suck his hands instead. Dr. Varona had to shudder him gently using the ultrasound but he won’t budge. Haha! He really made our day, doctor even said it’s because you talked him out only to show his genitals but not his face! She was right! Paul was so obedient. haha I guess we’re gonna have to wait to see his face when he comes out. Doctor said he’s a BIG KID with a big butt! (after me of course! hahaa)

The wait at the maternity house was terribly long, but both Rocky and I agreed it was WORTH IT!!!

I’m on my 34th week now and I only have 4-6 weeks left to welcome Paul Daniel in this beautiful world.

our precious Paul Daniel! =)
our precious Paul Daniel! =)